When will my car be ready?

During your initial consultation, an Airpark Collision Center estimator will advise you how many work days the repair will take once insurance approval is given. Please review our repair process for more information.

I’ve heard it can take weeks, sometimes a month or more to repair body damage to a vehicle. Is this true?

Usually, no. Length of repairs depends on the availability of parts, the amount of damage and the length of your insurance company’s estimation process. Keep in mind, the time it takes to repair the body damage to most vehicles can be significantly longer than that of a mechanical repair. Our office will contact you throughout the repair with status updates. You will always be informed.

Collision repair is a multi-step process including removing adhesive residue from an old surround molding.
Collision repair is a multi-step process including removing adhesive residue from an old surround molding.

Will my car ever be the same?

Your vehicle will drive the same, feel the same and look the same as it did prior to the collision.

I was told a part is on back order and can’t be delivered. Isn’t there any way you can locate one?

If the part you need exists anywhere we will find it. We have the ability to contact any retailer in the USA to help track down a part. In some cases, however, a part is either rare, or not currently in production. In this instance, an order will be placed with the factory to reinitiate production. Occasionally, but not often, this may take longer than expected.

What type of warranty do you offer?

We provide a lifetime warranty on our workmanship listed on the original repair order for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. Parts and paint material are warrantied through the manufacturer.

Why supplemental repairs are needed after you’ve already completed the estimate?

In order to gain approval from the insurance company on a repair estimate, we must leave the vehicle in the exact condition it was in when first brought to us. After approval, our technicians begin to disassemble the vehicle. At this point, it is probable that we will find additional damage to parts not visible during the initial estimate. We must then schedule another estimate review with the insurance company to obtain further approval before proceeding.

Are you able to coordinate all aspects of vehicle repair with my insurance company?

Yes, however, sometimes we may request your assistance in encouraging your insurance company to work with us in a timely manner-and confirm final payment.

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What does I-CAR certified mean?

The I-Car certification ensures that our repair facility is trained to work on all makes and models of vehicles. Technicians that are certified, must prove work experience, take classes and pass exams for certification. Certifications expire frequently, so the technician must get re-certified. In addition, an I-CAR certified shop means that technicians receive ongoing training annually. I-CAR certifications ensure that the technicians will not only restore your vehicle’s appearance but make sure safety standards are also met.

Do you have a shuttle?

We do not have a shuttle bus, but we are happy to take you anywhere in the Scottsdale Airpark.

Should I get a collision repair estimate first or make an insurance claim?

Many times customers will stop in for a free estimate, simply to gather information. Once they have an idea of the auto body repair cost they can decide if filing a claim or paying out of pocket is the right choice for their situation.

Should I make an insurance claim?

Keep in mind auto parts are expensive so if it looks like vehicle panels, lights, etc are beyond repair this will drive up the cost. Consider what year, make and model vehicle you drive. If you have a newer high end brand like Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover etc parts will be very pricey. It is not uncommon to see a headlight or tail light priced over $1,000. In a case like this, an insurance claim may be the way to go.

Can I pay out of pocket?

Not all Scottsdale collision centers will accept customer pay repairs. However, Airpark Collision Center will be happy to help our self paying customers. Part deposits are required and non-refundable.

Should I make a claim on my insurance or the at fault party’s insurance?

Ideally, if it is not your fault you will want to reach out to the other party’s insurance company. In some cases, you may be forced to use your insurance policy even if the other party is at fault. For example, the other party’s limits of insurance may be too low and won’t be enough to repair your vehicle or perhaps they are uninsured. Sometimes the other party’s insurance is not a quality company and non-responsive. In cases like these, customers often make a claim on their own insurance policy and let their insurance company start the subrogation process with the other insurance company.  

Is it a better price if I pay out of pocket?

Prices are the same at honest, professional collision repair shops. The cost of parts, materials and labor operations are the same. Scottsdale collision repair facilities that repair using industry or manufacturer repair procedures cannot skip steps to save a customer money. 

Why is the insurance estimate a lot lower than the collision center’s estimate?

There is usually quite a gap between insurance estimates and collision repair shop estimates. The most common reason is the insurance company is writing an estimate based off photos. The adjuster can only write for what he can see in the photo and insurance companies and collision repair shops know that an estimate based off photos is simply a starting point for the vehicle repair. Once the vehicle is disassembled Airpark Collision Center will contact the insurance company regarding the additional damage found. This is called a supplement.

Can I use the estimate from Airpark Collision Center instead of the estimate the insurance company wrote?

Many times insurance companies require that we start with their estimate. The first estimate is just a starting point, once the vehicle is disassembled Airpark Collision Center will contact the insurance company with any missed labor operations or parts not listed on the original insurance estimate. This approval process may take a few days.

Will my insurance rates increase if I make a claim?

This is a good question to ask your insurance agent. Insurance companies, may take into account how long you have been with their company, how many claims you have made and the cost of each claim. Insurance companies usually value long term insureds and want to retain this customer base and their referrals.

What is the best insurance company?

Keep in mind, bargain insurance can be a costly mistake. When a customer buys an insurance policy it is with the understanding that if a claim is made the vehicle will be repaired correctly with quality replacement parts. Some companies choose to use bad parts, deny certain labor operations and often will not return calls/emails from the customer or the collision repair shop. Before switching to a different company, ask friends, family or neighbors how they were treated during a recent collision repair claim experience.

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