Aluminum Collision Repair

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Airpark Collision Center is set up with the right tools and equipment specific to aluminum repair. Our technicians are I-Car Gold Class industry certified and know the difference between traditional steel repair and aluminum repair. Most auto body shops work with steel and do not have the skills, training or equipment to repair aluminum properly.aluminum collision repair center

Our facility is equipped with an aluminum repair bay for all aluminum work. This is to control the mixture of aluminum and steel dust.

In addition, this particular bay is stocked with aluminum specific repair tools, equipment and materials that are required for proper and safe aluminum repair. The clean room allows us to minimize airborne aluminum dust because, besides being a floating contaminant, it can be explosive under the right conditions.

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Our I-Car Gold Class technicians are certified in aluminum welding which is different than steel welding, due to the thin gauge metal, welding techniques and materials used in the repair. In addition, other auto body repair procedures such as dent removal require a heating method versus the traditional steel dent removal procedure. Trusting your vehicle to an unskilled technician can result in creating more damage around the area of impact and a lengthier repair.

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Audi, Tesla, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Ford are just some of the manufacturers building with aluminum materials. Get your vehicle repaired the right way, the first time! Please stop by our facility or click “Quick Estimate” for a quick and free estimate.

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