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Airpark Collision Center is certified by both Ford and I-car (major industry certification) for aluminum auto body repair. Every collision repair facility is trained to repair steel, only a few select facilities have the ability to make proper aluminum repairs.

Airpark Collision Center has been aluminum certified for several years and specializes in Acura, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, the Ford F-150 and several other vehicle brands constructed with aluminum panels.

Why are cars, trucks and SUV’s being made of aluminum?

Aluminum vehicle construction has gained popularity because it is a lightweight material allowing for better fuel efficiency, and has shown evidence of significant strength compared to steel during a collision.

Doug Richman, vice president of engineering for Kaiser Aluminum and technical committee chairman at the Aluminum Transportation Group says, “Technicians need aluminum-specific knowledge to do repairs properly, If they don’t have this training, it’s not likely they would be able to fix things correctly and in a time-efficient manner.”

Why do only certain auto body shops repair aluminum panels?

The cost of becoming an aluminum collision repair facility is significant. Airpark Collision Center chose to invest in special equipment, training, and two clean rooms because we repair a great deal of high-end vehicles, many with aluminum panels.

What is the difference between steel and aluminum auto body repair?

While both steel and aluminum are metals and used for auto bodies they are vastly different when it comes to auto body repair. Read below to find out more:

  • Aluminum panels require different paint primers, special coated fasteners, sealants and totally different metal working procedures.
  • Aluminum is a stronger material than steel, therefore removing a dent in the area of impact can be difficult while not damaging the surrounding metal. This procedure requires special skill, welding materials and other equipment.
  • Traditional steel repair requires a hammer and a dolly (hand-held anvil). The hammer makes contact with the metal and the dolly supports the back side. This process is used to smooth out dents and wrinkles in steel. However, when repairing an aluminum panel it is necessary for the metal to be heated up before it can be smoothed. Heating up the metal and welding procedures are challenging because of thin gauge body panels. It is easy for an inexperienced technician to make a mistake and cause even more damage.

Special Tools and Equipment:

Airpark Collision Center possesses the right tools and equipment specific to auto body aluminum repair. Our technicians are I-Car Gold Class industry certified and know the difference between traditional steel repair and aluminum repair. Most auto body shops work with steel and do not have the skills, training or equipment to repair aluminum properly.

Our facility is furnished with two aluminum repair bays for this type of metal work. This is to control the mixture of aluminum and steel dust. In addition, this particular bay is stocked with aluminum specific repair tools, equipment and materials that are required for proper and safe aluminum repair. The clean room allows us to minimize airborne aluminum dust because, besides being a floating contaminant, it can be explosive under the right conditions.

What special equipment and space does Airpark Collision Center use for this type of repair?

  • Clean room – Airpark Collision Center has two clean rooms. Allowing us to separate aluminum repair from traditional steel repair.
  • Pneumatic vacuum – A dedicated system to remove aluminum dust.
  • Approved SPR riveting system
  • Blind/structural rivet tool
  • Designated set of aluminum hand/special tools for aluminum vehicles to prevent cross-contamination with steel body vehicles.
  • Dent extraction system specifically designed for aluminum
  • 220-volt MIG pulse welder specifically for aluminum
  • Special welding wire
  • Rivet nut thread setter kit

Is choosing a certified aluminum auto body repair facility really necessary?

If you choose an auto body repair shop based on price not qualifications you could be creating an unnecessary problem. Most likely the repair will take longer than necessary due to inexperience. Also, the damage may still be visible or there could be new damage from improper repair methods.

Why Airpark Collision Center?

  • We don’t just repair aluminum we are certified to repair aluminum. To receive certification we prove annually that we have the updated required tools, equipment and training, We are also inspected several times a year to ensure quality repairs.
  • We have a reputation for repairing high-end vehicles. Our reviews on several platforms support our claims of excellent collision repair.
  • Located in the heart of North Scottsdale, our technicians are well experienced at repairing luxury brands. They are provided the best materials to restore each vehicle back to pre-collision status.

Airpark Collision Center opened in 2006, with a commitment to high-quality collision repair and excellent customer service. Please stop in for a quote or click here for a quick estimate!

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