Auto Body Parts Replacement

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Small Auto Body Parts:

We understand our customers have different auto body repair needs at different times.
In some cases, it is just a side mirror replacement after clipping it backing out of the garage.

It’s a simple as 1, 2, 3

  1. Come in for estimate, preorder the part
  2. We will call you when it arrives
  3. Install while you wait

Airpark Collision Center replaces auto body parts like side mirrors

Our goal is to make a small parts replacement convenient and easy. See below for some of the parts we can help you with!

  • Headlight
  • Tail lamp
  • Side Mirrors
  • Rear View Mirror
  • Moldings
  • Window Regulator
  • And many more just ask!

Buying Small or Large Parts on Your Own?

If your end goal is to save money, please consider:

• Many collision repair centers will not install or paint parts purchased by a customer. The reason? Often, parts may not fit properly; causing the auto body technician to spend several labor hours modifying the part to correct the fit. Oftentimes, the incorrect part is ordered or key pieces for installation, such as brackets, are missing.

Purchasing a part online is risky because the vendor may not accept returns or charge a restocking fee. If they do accept returns, there is a cost to ship the item back to the company. Return policies are a valid concern especially if you are purchasing an aftermarket part. Aftermarket parts sometimes do not fit like an OEM part; resulting in a gap or functional concerns.

Ordering parts from a dealer will cost the same or more than an auto body repair shop ordering the same part. In addition, some parts already come painted, but if you do not know to ask the auto dealer they may sell you one in a black primer finish for the same price. In this case, it will cost you more because the collision repair center will have to charge you for refinish labor and paint materials.

Purchasing Parts may not be as Easy as You Think

ACC - Small Parts Replacement

In this day and age we can scan our own groceries, book our own travel and do our banking on-line. So naturally, people may choose to try their hand at auto body parts purchasing. Unfortunately, it can be a complicated process, making auto parts knowledge key. A parts coordinator uses various software programs and 3D diagrams to determine correct parts needed. In addition, experience allows this professional to know what additional pieces are needed or what questions to ask before ordering. He/she checks to see if holes are drilled in the right spot, or cut outs for sensors or lights are in the right place. It takes years of experience to become a good parts coordinator. Ordering using the VIN is necessary but does not guarantee fit or the right part.

Interested in Saving Time and Money?

Leaving the parts ordering to an auto body professional will probably save you time and money. In addition, some damaged parts can be repaired which may cost significantly less that purchasing a new part. Airpark Collision Center employs master technicians and utilizes state of the art equipment that allows us to repair what other auto body shops must replace.

If you believe you need parts replacement, get a few estimates. There are all kinds of auto body repair shops to choose from:

• High production auto body repair shops: The focus is on speed of repair. They will always write an estimate to replace rather than repair because it is the fastest way to make money and make room for the next damaged vehicle entering their facility.

• Dealers: They sell parts, why would they offer repair? OEM is the only choice.

• Airpark Collision Center: Our business is based on repeat customers and referrals. We always give our customers options and the cost to replace vs repair (if possible). In addition, customers could opt for OEM or aftermarket if they choose to reduce costs. If a part does not fit, we have relationships with our vendors allowing for quick
and easy returns and reorders.

Need an auto/car body part replaced? Stop by Airpark Collision Center for a free estimate or click here for a quick estimate.

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