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Can a Plastic Bumper Cover be Repaired?

The short answer is yes and no. Whether your vehicle’s bumper is a candidate for repair will depend on a few factors.

  • Is the damage too extensive?
  • Is it less expensive to simply buy a replacement bumper cover?
  • Can a bumper repair be made without compromising the ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems)?

What is plastic bumper repair?

About 10 years ago, technology became available to repair plastic bumpers using a special plastic welder. The process requires a skilled collision repair technician to heat the plastic bumper and massage out the dent. Depending on the damage, the technician may also apply plastic filler. This unique piece of equipment also allows the best Scottsdale collision repair center to repair broken tabs, rips, and even small holes.

Can any Scottsdale auto body shop repair plastic bumpers?

Not every Scottsdale collision repair facility is equipped with this type of welder, because it is an optional piece of equipment. If a collision repair shop does not have this piece of equipment, their only choice is to replace the damaged bumper with a new or reconditioned one.

Airpark Collision Center, the best Scottsdale auto body shop, repairs mostly new and high-end vehicle brands. Therefore many customers paying out of pocket will choose to repair a bumper cover rather than pay for a new BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc bumper. Airpark Collision Center owner, explains, “Our plastic welder was worth the investment, our customers love it because the repair bill is less expensive and the turnaround time is quicker.”

What are the benefits of plastic bumper repair?

  • No waiting on parts
  • Can save customers an average of 60% and even more on luxury vehicles.
  • Avoid making an insurance claim
  • It’s a green option and you can keep your original OEM bumper.

Is the damage too extensive for plastic bumper repair?

In most cases cracks, dents, deep scratches, broken tabs, rips and even small holes qualify for repair. If the bumper cover is torn, it may not be a candidate for this collision repair operation.

How is the bumper repair made?

The repair is made utilizing plastic welding techniques and structural adhesives. After the auto body repair, paint will be mixed to match the OEM finish.

*You should know that plastic repairs are easiest and less pricey when the damage is located on a flat area of the bumper. However, if the damage is visible on curves or around molded areas such as fog lights, it will require additional resources and labor time. When this happens, it is best to compare the cost of a replacement bumper to the cost of plastic bumper repair.

What about damage underneath the bumper cover?

Besides comparing the cost of plastic repair to bumper cover replacement, you should also consider if any other damage resulted from impact.

Upon vehicle disassembly, at your best Scottsdale collision repair center, an estimator will advise the vehicle owner if the absorber or reinforcement bar (under the bumper cover) is compromised.

The absorber looks like a large piece of styrofoam and absorbs shock during a collision. The reinforcement bar’s purpose is to strengthen the entire bumper. The exterior part that is visibly damaged is simply a bumper cover.

A bumper’s primary objective is to protect you and your vehicle’s passengers. 

While a vehicle owner may be looking for the best price it is dangerous to only address aesthetics. If the absorber and reinforce

ment bar are also damaged they will not protect you in another collision. In addition, bumpers are also intended to protect the fuel, exhaust, cooling system, headlamps and tail lights. A reputable Scottsdale collision repair center will not just repair the bumper cover and turn a blind eye to a damaged reinforcement bar or absorber.

What is ADAS and will plastic bumper repair affect its performance?

ADAS stands for advanced driver-assistance systems and provides driver support. Some examples of ADAS features include adaptive cruise control, or collision avoidance technology, such as automatic emergency braking. ADAS utilizes cameras, sensors, radar, LiDAR, GPS, mapping data, and more to increase vehicle passenger safety.

If your vehicle is equipped with ADAS, the sensors can be found behind the bumper cover. The sensors must be able to see clearly in order to function properly, therefore collision repair work on certain bumper covers or in certain areas needs to be approached with caution.

Collision damage to the front and rear bumpers are a common occurrence. Cracks, scratches, and dents are unattractive and will devalue your vehicle at trade-in. Luckily, Airpark Collision Center can help with these issues. Since opening in 2006 we have earned a reputation for quality collision repair and excellent customer service. As the best Scottsdale collision repair center, we provide our customers with choices and options while minding industry safety standards. Please stop in or click here for a free estimate!