Aftermarket Kit Installs, Car Repaint or Restoration Projects? Read Before you Proceed

Aftermarket Kit InstallsNot everybody who contacts an auto body shop is looking for collision repair. Believe it or not some people want to personalize their car or just update their vehicle’s look. Are you interested in changing the color of your car? Adding an aftermarket package? Or Restoring an old car? Read on for some helpful tips and information finding the right auto body shop.

Installing Aftermarket Accessories: At least once a week we get a call from someone who ordered aftermarket accessories. Maybe its a spoiler or a bumper package. The customer purchased the parts online and all they need is someone to paint and install the newly purchased auto body parts. Sounds easy right? Well…many times customers buy the parts and when the technician goes to install they do not fit correctly. This results in technicians having to modify the car or the parts to make them “fit”. This can affect the price of install, the amount of time and the over all result.

In efforts to solve the problem, Airpark Collision Center does not install parts we do not order. Auto body shops know which vendors sell quality products and who have a reasonable return policy. If you are set on purchasing the parts yourself, make sure you find a auto body repair shop that is willing to install parts they did not order. It is also recommended that you have the technician “fit” the parts before painting. In a case of ill fitting parts, you may be able to return the parts if they are unpainted. It is also advised that you are familiar and comfortable with the vendor’s return policy. Many aftermarket vendors charge a substantial restocking fee.

Interested in Changing the Paint Color? There are several people that are happy with the condition and performance of their car but really don’t like the vehicle’s color. The question is, “how much does it cost to have my car repainted?” The short answer is, more than you think and if you pay less you may be opening a can of worms. To refinish a car correctly, prep work is key. This means sanding, priming and several other steps to remove the existing paint and prepare for the new paint. In addition, all parts must be taken off the car, and we don’t just mean doors and fenders. Even smaller parts like door handles, mirrors, moldings, etc. If the technician simply paints over them (without removing) the paint is more likely to peel in a short amount of time. As you can understand, properly repainting a car is a very labor intensive procedure and we haven’t even discussed materials and products.

Inexpensive products will result in a substandard finish. Cars or vehicles should also be refinished in a controlled environment like a cross or down draft paint booth that bakes on the finish. When you take into consideration the time and cost to repaint your car correctly it very well may out weigh the actual value of the car. If you choose to have it painted for a low price, you are taking a risk that may result in worsening your car’s condition. Needless to say, many people steer clear of changing their paint color simply for a “new look.”

Restoring a Classic Car? Most auto body shops are collision repair shops and that is their expertise. If you are looking to restore a classic car, it is best to find a reputable restoration shop. Restoration shops are familiar with the proper repair procedures that an older car may require. They will also know where to track down hard to find antique parts. This is their specialty!

Finding the right auto body shops, depends on the repair or project. Airpark Collision Center has been an industry certified collision repair shop since 2006. We can help with everything from minor door dings to major collision damage. Click on quick estimate or stop in for an estimate today!

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.

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