Airpark Collision Center Checks Out New App

We know that faltering road conditions cause many of the collision repair needs that we meet with our best workmanship every year. The Scottsdale men and women charged with keeping the city’s streets and sidewalks in pristine condition have opened a new channel to accept citizens’ suggestions and feedback. We couldn’t be more appreciative that our city regards this dialogue as an important piece in keeping Scottsdale’s roads clean and safe.


Rolled out just this past May, the new myScottsdale smartphone app is available Android and Apple devices alike, completely free-of-charge. It’s proven pivotal in opening up conversation between the city and its leaders with concerns over graffiti, broken or malfunctioning street lights, crumbling sidewalks, and other blemishes on Scottsdale’s image.

“The city has thousands of signs, lights, sidewalks, bus shelters, playground structures – things that break from time-to-time,” acting Scottsdale City Manager Dan Worth observed. “We hope the public will use this app to help us get those problems fixed as quickly as possible.”

Really, the app is more than a means of filing a grievance. Once a citizen makes the City of Scottsdale aware of any given issue, there’s an option to receive a timely notification once the city fully addresses and repairs it.


Let’s be honest: there’s something greater at stake to us than the immediate future of the collision repair field in Scottsdale. It’s about the betterment of our community’s appearance and function, which is one of the most worthy pursuits we could get behind.

This opens up communication with City of Scottsdale personnel and leaders beyond a few minutes per citizen to address officials directly amid a regularly scheduled city council meeting. This is the opportunity to air a concern or grievance constructively, in real time, and with the option to be kept directly abreast of the City’s follow-through measures. It’s fluid civic engagement that comes to Scottsdale taxpayers at a minimal cost of development paid through city funds.

This is Scottsdale’s tax dollars working for us, in order to expand conversation about our city. That’s money well-spent.

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.