Auto Body Shop Near Me

If you’ve recently been in an accident, you may think your first task is to Google auto body shop near me. While selecting a Scottsdale collision repair center is definitely at the top of the list, there is a bit more to the process. Consider how claims processing and auto body repair have changed since 2020.

Step 1: Making the Insurance Claim

  • If you are not paying out of pocket, make a claim with the insurance company. Each insurance company has their own process. Some will write the estimate for you, based on photos, and some will ask you to have a Scottsdale collision repair facility write the estimate.
  • The insurance company may direct you to one of their “preferred or direct” auto body repair shops. Keep in mind, what may be preferred for the insurance company may not be preferred by you and your vehicle. You may want to do your homework before committing to an auto body shop.

Step: 2 Find a Scottsdale Auto Body Repair Facility

  • Take a little time to check reviews on several platforms to ensure authentic reviews.
  • Look for certifications. I-Car Gold Class is the most important industry certification. Collision repair shops cannot earn any OEM certification without the I-Car Gold Class industry certification. Finding an I-Car certified collision center means technicians are trained annually.
  • Keep in mind, technicians are no longer just “pounding out dents.” Upon impact, sensors and onboard computers are shaken. A quality Scottsdale collision repair shop will ensure a complete repair and address auto body/paint, mechanical, and technology such as sensors, computers, and electrical.

What has Changed Since 2020?

Certainly, you have heard about supply chain issues and the worker shortage. Unfortunately, this has affected every industry including auto insurance and collision repair. Fortunately, professional Scottsdale collision centers always try to find ways to combat these issues!

Supply Chain – Supplies in collision repair include vehicle parts and materials. What used to take an afternoon or a day to receive now sometimes takes weeks. A responsible collision repair staff will try to minimize the time a vehicle is in the auto body shop.

  • Since 2021, Airpark Collision Center requires an approved insurance estimate (unless you are paying out of pocket) before dropping off a vehicle for auto body repair. This allows our staff to pre-order approved parts, and schedule vehicles for repair once parts arrive at our facility.
  • Our part search is often nationwide, while shipping sometimes takes time, it is often faster than waiting for a local vendor or dealer to add to their inventory.
  • It is interesting to note that most OEM’s prioritize parts inventory to build new vehicles, second priority is selling their parts to replace collision damaged parts.
  • If a new non-structural OEM part is unavailable, independently owned collision repair facilities may choose to search for used OEM or even quality aftermarket parts.

Staffing – Employee shortages exist within insurance companies, collision centers, vehicle manufacturers, vendors, and even auto part delivery drivers. Many large insurance companies have even made changes to accommodate their staffing shortage.

  • Insurance adjusters used to write estimates at Scottsdale auto body shops or customers’ homes. Since the pandemic, almost every adjuster works from home, they write estimates based on photos provided by the vehicle owner. Since the adjuster is not traveling, the objective is to increase efficiency by writing many more estimates each day.
  • Photo estimates are usually written for a fraction of what the collision repair really entails. Sometimes the photos submitted are not quality photos or do not show all of the auto body damage. Photo estimates also do not allow for an adjuster to look underneath or at different angles.
  • When additional damage is found, the auto body shop will write a supplement and submit for insurance approval.
  • Approval for supplements can take days and sometimes longer.
  • Repair time is often extended because the collision repair facility cannot even order additional parts until they have insurance approval.
  • A professional auto body repair shop will follow up with the insurance company in hopes of speeding up the process. In addition, the vehicle owner may also choose to pressure the insurance company to review the supplement in a timely manner.

The current situation requires the collision repair industry to think outside the box to minimize delays. Customers at Airpark Collision Center are advised upfront and updated throughout the collision repair process. The insurance and collision repair industry appreciates the skilled and capable workers currently employed. These insurance adjusters, collision repair estimators, technicians and parts vendors are often doing double duty to make up for the worker shortage. Most customers and collision repair facilities have a common goal -a high-quality auto body repair. Professional Scottsdale collision repair centers will do everything they can to expedite the process while making sure the vehicle is properly repaired.

Airpark Collision Center opened in 2006, with a focus on excellent customer service and quality collision repair. Our I-car Gold class and OEM certified facility employs master-level auto body technicians and offers a lifetime workmanship guarantee. Please stop in for an estimate or click here!

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.

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