Automotive Paint FAQ

During auto repair estimates many customers ask us questions related to automotive paint. So, we’ve composed a list of our most popular questions and answers to share with you!

How much will it cost to change the color of my car?

Repainting a car with premium products is not cheap. We do not recommend a repaint just for fun. If you have an older vehicle, the cost of the automotive paint job will often exceed the value of the car.

At Airpark Collision Center, not only do we use the same automotive refinish product as the majority of auto manufacturers, but during a total repaint we remove every part, molding, weather strip, door handle, etc. This is extremely time consuming and labor intensive. All parts are removed, prepped, primed, and painted. Afterwards the technician must reassemble everything. This process results in a smooth finish and free of paint ridges and lines.

Is the paint work warrantied?

Airpark Collision Center has a lifetime warranty on our labor for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. Original body and paint work completed prior to our repair by another auto body shop is not warrantied by Airpark Collision Center.

What about minor repairs?

If you are using insurance you are getting more bang for your buck. Which ever auto body repair shop you choose you will owe the same amount of money. You might as well choose the collision repair center with the best products.

I’m paying out of pocket, will the price be competitive?

Airpark Collision Center is very price competitive with nearby shops. We realize we have many customers paying for the repair on their own, and our customers can expect the same price or less than nearby auto body repair shops.

PPG paint

What line of PPG Paint does ACC spray?

Well you probably guessed this…We use the most premium product PPG has to offer. PPG Aqua base is a water based paint. Again, it is costly, but it is water based and that means a few important things:

  • This water-based product allows us to match colors better than any other line of automotive paint.
  • This product is not harmful to the environment.
  • This automotive paint product is not harmful to our technicians.

How do you match the automotive paint color?

Each vehicle has a paint code. Since we are completely computerized we use this paint code to bring up a formula. On an electronic scale we mix various colors by fractions of a gram to achieve the desired match.

Tell me about your refinish technicians.

We are proud to have an excellent father and son team in our automotive paint shop. With over 50 years of combined experience, they know cars, paint, and the process well. In addition, they have been spraying PPG products for over a decade!

How much is it to repair and paint scratches?

It depends on how deep the scratches are and how many panels are damaged. We have had customers come by with scratches, and we put a little compound on the panel and they rub out. Now, not everyone is that lucky, if the scratch is too deep it will need repainting. We also have to consider if the vehicle is a two or three stage paint. This affects the price because of labor and amount of material needed. If you have a “pearl” finish, it is probably a three stage paint.

Only my door needs repainting. The rest of my car is a little faded, what is the repair going to look like?

Through a process called blending, we can paint the whole door, and then blend surrounding panels to make the newly painted door “blend” in with the rest of the paint.

Do all auto body repair jobs get a baked on finish?

At Airpark Collision Center we have two automotive paint booths, and they both produce a baked on finish. All jobs are sprayed in a paint booth regardless if it is a side mirror or a very large auto body repair. This allows a clean automotive paint finish free of dust.

Airpark Collision Center has proudly sprayed PPG paint since opening in 2006. PPG is the same brand used at almost every vehicle manufacturing plant. Following proper repair methods and using high quality products allows us to repair all vehicles, including luxury and high-line cars/SUV with confidence. Please stop in for a free auto body repair estimate. No appointment needed!

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.