Avoid Accidents and a Trip to the Auto Body Shop

Auto body repair shops will repair everything from a small dent to major collision damage. The trick is to reduce the possibility of an accident by keeping a few things in mind as a vehicle owner. Research has found that vehicle maintenance along with good driving habits can help decrease the chances of injury and collision repair.

Vehicle Maintenance

Windshield and Wiper Blades – How many of us drive around knowing we have a crack or chip in the windshield but put off repair or replacement? Unfortunately, a damaged windshield or ineffective windshield blades can impair your sightlines while driving.

TIP Many car insurance policies have a $0 glass deductible and most auto glass companies will come to you. So why not take care of a broken windshield right away?

Changing wiper blades is another forgotten item. Most wiper blades can be ordered online or purchased at your local auto part store. Install is sometimes easy, depending on the brand of vehicle you drive. Living in the Valley of the Sun, your wiper blades may not wear out from use, but will dry out because of our desert climate, making replacement necessary.

Tires – No one likes to replace tires, it’s costly and who wants to spend time at the tire store? Unfortunately, worn tires can be a real safety concern. When tire tread is worn, you run the risk of losing grip and control of the vehicle. Blowouts are another concern and mostly due to under-inflation.

TIP Some tire stores have a drive-through service and will check your tires for air pressure and tread for free (Discount Tire Grayhawk area Scottsdale). This is fast and easy! Thankfully there is no sales pitch, they simply inform you of your tire’s tread measurement and adjust the inflation. Taking care of your tires will keep you safe and out of the body shop.

More info on worn tires here.

Vehicle Side Mirrors – Take it slow when backing out of a garage or passing through a drive-through. You may think a side mirror is a small replacement part but they can be costly, especially if wiring is involved and some manufacturers don’t sell parts of the mirror separately, forcing you to purchase the whole mirror.

TIP As an extra precaution, I advise folding your side mirrors in when going through the car wash tunnel.

Rearview mirrors can literally fall off due to our extreme summer temperatures causing the glue to loosen. Don’t wait to get this fixed, even if you have a backup camera.

Headlights and Taillights – Is one of your lights out? Is it the light, wiring or just a bulb? Either way, this is something that needs immediate attention. Attending to a non-working light may save you from a car accident and/or an expensive ticket.

TIP A good way to check your headlights is to notice the illumination as you pull up to your garage or a store window. To check brake lights, back up to a wall and press the brakes. You should be able to see the red lights in your rearview mirror. Each brake light should have a least two red bulbs.

Driving Habits

Speed – Living in Scottsdale for over 20 years, I know how people drive on Loop 101. Fast! Speed is the top reason for auto accidents because it reduces the driver’s time to react. Data shows 1/3 of all accidents are attributed to speed which leads to increased personal injury and vehicle damage.

Please use extra caution when it rains. Our desert rains are rarely enough to wash the oil away like other parts of the country; causing the oil on the road to lift and create a slippery surface. Take it slower under these conditions, Scottsdale auto body shops typically see an increase in customers during the rainy season.

Tailgating – Besides speeding, we have some drivers that love to tailgate. Maybe the driver is not paying attention or worse they are an aggressive driver or experiencing road rage! Tailgating increases the risk of a rear-end collision. One sudden stop and at least two vehicles will need bumper repair at their Scottsdale body shop.

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs – This goes hand in hand with speeding. Some drivers are in such a hurry they are not only risking their safety but other people as well. Running a red light or a stop sign can be deadly. If the collision is at a slower speed, repairs can range from dent repair to vehicle door and airbag replacement with possible frame/unibody damage.

Unsafe Lane Changes or Improper Turns – This is why you need your mirrors in working order. Do not solely rely on sensors. An improper lane change or turn may cause front, rear or side vehicle damage. Besides, dent repair, replacement parts, and auto painting, collision related mechanical work may also be required.

Choose your Parking Spot Wisely – Take the time to find a good space to reduce your chances of a door ding. Even though there is no guarantee that the car next to you will be the same as when you parked, it may reduce your chances of a door ding.

TIP If the dent is the right size and in the right location, it may be a candidate for paintless dent repair (PDR). This repair will save you time and money. Airpark Collision Center will offer you this option if your vehicle’s dent can be removed using this auto body repair technique.

Airpark Collision Center is an independently owned and operated auto body facility. We have served the Scottsdale, Phoenix area for over 14 years. We care about our customers and frequently share blogs on proper collision repair and vehicle safety. We are happy to help with questions and everything from small parts replacement and door dings to major collision damage repair. Please stop in or click here for a quick estimate!

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.

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