Can Vehicle Computers Be Affected During A Collision?

If you are familiar with cars, computers or have read my previous blog you know that each late model vehicle is equipped with many computers. Each computer has a different function, one for the climate control, one for passenger restraint, and so on. Upon impact these computers are shaken, and often will prompt a warning light to appear on your dashboard.

New Year, New Technology

Each year, Airpark Collision Center upgrades or adds on equipment according to demands in the auto body industry. We are a progressive auto body repair facility and usually are first to have the latest equipment in the valley. This year is no exception, we now have technology in-house to scan vehicle computers. This technology involves high-level independent software that allows us OEM dealership level services.

What Does this Mean for our Customers?

Having diagnostic technology in-house means your vehicle does not have to be brought to the dealer. Bringing cars to the dealer results in added repair time. The vehicle is dropped off and then waits in line, until the dealership mechanic can fit it in between their scheduled appointments. This can easily take two days. At Airpark Collision Center, we can get going immediately! Did you know that sometimes only one dashboard warning light will illuminate but there really could be more wrong? Last week, we scanned an Audi with one dashboard light on, but 37 warnings popped up! This is great for our customers, because it significantly decreases the chance they will have a future problem after leaving the auto body repair shop.

Is There a Charge to Use this Equipment on my Vehicle?

Yes, the service involves labor hours and highly advanced equipment. If one or more dashboard warning lights appear, we have justification to bill the insurance company for the repair.

Collision Front Damage

How Do You Know What is Accident Related?

After the vehicle is scanned, it displays diagnostic codes that correspond to a specific problem. In addition, it shows the date the code was triggered. For example, if your car was involved in a collision on March 12, 2017 but codes show up from 2016, well then it is clear that some codes are not accident related. Only codes triggered from the date of loss can be billed to the insurance company. Airpark Collision Center will advise the customer of all codes found, but it is the customer’s choice to pay out of pocket for non-collision related repairs.

What are the Capabilities of this Diagnostic Tool?

The software allows our technicians the ability to perform multiple calibrations including passenger presence systems, steering angle sensors, brake pedal position sensors, active grill shutters, liftgates, park assist, active cruise control, object detection, window express and anti-pinch features, and adaptive headlamps.

The software also delivers OEM programming for most replacement control modules including; electronic steering control, body control, engine control, powertrain control, transmission control, air bag control, occupant detection, object detection, and more. Airpark Collision Center has the highest certification in the collision repair industry and is manufacturer certified by many brands. Our latest addition to our state of the art collision repair facility allows our customers to feel confident that we have the right equipment and training to restore their vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Airpark Collision Center is Manufacturer Certified Airpark Collision Center is Manufacturer Certified

Airpark Collision Center repairs all makes and models, but specializes in high-end vehicles. Our diagnostic equipment is used on the above brands. Brands not listed above will be brought to the dealer for diagnostic scanning.

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.

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