Do You Work With My Insurance Company?

The majority of Scottsdale collision repair facilities work with most insurance companies. Unfortunately, some insurance companies are hard to work with and refuse to cover the cost to repair a damaged vehicle to manufacturer standards. When an insurance company is difficult to work with and not willing to pay to fix the vehicle properly many collision repair facilities will simply not accept those vehicle repair jobs.

Most car brands, (Honda, Nissan, Jeep, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc) have required or recommended collision repair procedures. In cases where manufacturer procedures are not available a quality auto body shop will use industry standard procedures for a safe repair. Surprisingly, we have been told by some insurance companies, “We don’t pay for that.” In response, we say, “according to Honda (or other brand) repair procedures we have to do “xyz.” The insurance company responds, “Ok, that’s fine, but we won’t pay for it.” Hmmm… then who pays for it? This is upsetting to both the vehicle owner and collision repair facility. 

Should I choose a recommended or preferred  collision repair facility from the insurance company’s list?

Many times, an insurance company will provide you with a list of Scottsdale collision repair facilities. They will inform you that facilities on their list have a repair warranty. The reality is, every collision repair facility cannot be on every insurance company’s preferred list-the work volume would be too great!

Keep in mind that a collision repair shop with a good reputation probably has a lifetime labor warranty. As a consumer it is your right to choose the collision repair facility for your vehicle’s repairs. Before selecting an auto body repair shop we suggest doing some homework. Ask for referrals, look at online reviews on several platforms and stop in at the facility. Is it clean? Are the people professional? What kind of vehicles do you see in progress? 

Transitional body repair after structural sectioning. OEM doors are hung but need adjustment.

Will the auto body shop coordinate with my insurance company?

A professional Scottsdale collision repair shop will communicate with you and the insurance company, however they cannot make them pay for certain labor operations or parts. Most of the struggles are related to policy verbiage, allowing the use of used or aftermarket parts. If the collision repair facility can’t prove there is an issue with using used or aftermarket parts, the vehicle owner may wish to get involved in the conversation.

Who can help me with a rental car?

The insurance company often chooses the rental car provider and makes the reservation. If you have issues with your rental car, call the rental provider or the insurance company. 

Does the auto body shop or insurance company decide what kind of parts to use?

OEM parts at Airpark CollisionMost Scottsdale collision repair facilities prefer OEM (original parts) because of quality and fit. A second choice is used/salvage OEM. A quality minded repair facility has a parts department that inspects parts and rejects ones that are substandard even if it delays the process a few days. Keep in mind, parts availability and insurance policy verbiage sometimes prevent collision repair shops from ordering new OEM.

Will all the damage be addressed?Will all the damage be addressed - collision repair

When meeting with your insurance adjuster or collision repair estimator, make sure to point out all of your concerns. Insurance companies are very good at figuring out what damage is related to the incident. Sometimes there are two claims and two deductibles if the insurance company determines the damage is from two different accidents. Please be advised, the insurance adjuster is similar to a CSI and will not approve repairs on unrelated damage.

Who should I speak to about my claim, repairs and car rental?

You may realize it takes a whole team of people to get you back on the road. Directing your questions to the right folks will save you time! 

  • I don’t like my rental car: Contact rental car provider. They often will switch your rental car if you are unhappy.
  • Why is the collision repair taking so long? Speak to the Scottsdale collision repair facility. Are there part issues, is the insurance company non-responsive? Do you fully understand the scope of repairs, including the wiring and mechanical? Ask for a more detailed explanation if you are unsure.
  • I want OEM parts: Speak with your insurance adjuster, be ready to explain why it’s necessary your car receive OEM and be aware you may have to pay the price difference.

Who do I pay my deductible to? 

If you are an insured your deductible will be paid to the Scottsdale collision repair facility. The insurance company will pay the balance to the auto body repair facility or to you. Any checks or EFT’s issued to you will have to be paid to collision repair shop before vehicle is released. 

Airpark Collision Center opened in 2006, with a focus on quality auto body repairs and excellent customer service. We are happy to work with most insurance companies and customers paying out of pocket. Please call 480-922-3006 to schedule an estimate or click here if you have a minor repair.