How to Find a Collision Repair Shop after an Accident and Other Common Concerns

Data shows the average person is involved in a vehicle collision once every ten years. The process is unfamiliar for most people and finding the best local auto body shop can be another challenge. Making careful decisions and properly handling any issues that come your way during the collision repair will make for a more pleasant experience.

Reporting the claim and the “Preferred” auto body shop recommendation

You reported the claim to the insurance company and they may have referred you to one of their “preferred” collision repair centers. At this point, a little bell may be going off in your head and you are right to be cautious! Remember you and the insurance company probably have different objectives. A customer’s focus is usually on quality of repair, whereas an insurance company is also making an effort to control costs.

What should you do?

  • Spend time doing a little research. Start with checking reviews. The best local collision repair centers will have excellent reviews on multiple platforms. Not just Yelp or Facebook.
  • Stop in for an estimate. Is this Scottsdale auto body shop clean? How are you treated? What car brands do you see in the facility during your visit?
  • Do they have OEM certifications? Any OEM certification means the equipment is up to date and technician training is current.
  • Does the collision center offer a lifetime labor warranty? If there is a problem you can rest assured they will stand behind their collision repair work.

Are used parts o.k. to install?

Insurance companies often will write for salvage parts. First off, used doesn’t mean poor quality; most likely it is an OEM part but salvaged. If you have chosen a reputable collision repair center known for quality, they will take the time to inspect the part. Airpark Collision Center inspects all parts upon arrival and especially used parts. If the integrity of the part is in question, we contact the insurance company in hopes of reordering or gaining approval on a brand new part. Inspecting parts and gaining insurance company approval can prolong the estimated completion date (ECD) but the outcome is a safe quality collision repair.

What do you do if you are not happy with a car insurance repair?

When a problem arises, you can feel very satisfied that you chose a reputable local collision repair facility. Honest auto body shops will work with you and address your concerns.

You shouldn’t have to call your insurance company or threaten anyone. A professional collision repair shop will assess the situation and find a solution. It may require getting approval from your insurance company if it requires additional parts and labor.

If you work together in a patient and professional manner the resolution will be expedited and result in a more pleasant experience. Of course, if the Scottsdale auto body shop, is unwilling to get the problem solved, the next logical step is to contact your insurance company.

The Flip Side

Please consider a few things during the collision repair:

  • Parts Availability: A technician cannot fix a car without parts. Sometimes, new parts arrive damaged or they are incorrect. Sometimes they are on backorder. Pre-ordering parts is a
    good way to avoid this problem, however, it really depends on whether your vehicle is drivable while waiting for parts.
  • Sublet Repairs: Does your vehicle require alignment, window tinting, special wiring or axel work, etc? Keep in mind this adds to the repair time.
  • Insurance Approval: This is the most common delay. Auto body shops cannot just repair and order parts when an insurance claim is involved. If this is done without approval who will pay
    for the labor or the parts? The customer? The collision repair facility? Unfortunately, collision repair centers must wait for approval. Airpark Collision Center follows up with insurance
    adjusters to see if they received our estimate or supplement, but of course, the speed of response is dependent on insurance company staffing and workload.

Is my car ready?

Working in the Scottsdale collision repair industry for over 9 years, I have found customers expect a safe quality repair within a reasonable amount of time. I will confirm that a reputable auto body shop has the same goal. Local collision repair facilities stay in business by repairing cars, it is not in their best interest to hold on to vehicles. Professional collision repair centers are proactive and inspect parts, stay in front of the insurance company, and do whatever is necessary to move the car through the auto body repair process.

Airpark Collision Center opened in 2006 with a commitment to quality repair and excellent customer service. We repair all makes and models but specialize in luxury brands like, BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. Reviews on multiple platforms confirms we are committed to quality and service. We are also proud to earn Scottsdale’s best auto body shop award for 2020. Please stop in or click here for a quick estimate!

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.

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