Interested in Maintaining your Car’s Value?

Owning a car is often a large expenditure for most people. When it comes time to trade or sell your vehicle you will want to maximize the asking price. Here are a few tips to increase your car’s value:

Keep it Clean

BentleyGoing to a car wash takes time and money, so maybe you don’t go as often as you should. However, everything from dirt and grime to bird poop will wear away a new car’s finish and eventually affect its resale value. It is suggested that both the interior and exterior be cleaned every week or two. For those that are extremist, hand car washes are preferred and a full detail once each season is recommended. At our body shop, we clean every car we repair by hand.

Avoid Rough Driving

Go easy on the gas, avoid redlining and hard breaking. Change the oil as recommended in your vehicle’s manual.

Do Not Over Customize

At Airpark Collision Center, we install custom accessories for those interested. Adding body kits and aftermarket parts can be a great way to personalize your vehicle. Just be careful not to over customize as it will be desirable to a smaller group of people when your ready to sell.

Failing to Keep Records

Keeping good records can be very valuable if you end up selling your car to a private buyer. By showing paperwork that proves the vehicle’s tires, oil and battery are in good condition, you have a better chance at selling the car and getting a good price.

Only Bring your Car to Certified Technicians:

Airpark Collision Center Office in Scottsdale

Having unqualified technicians work on your car often ends up being an enormous drain on your wallet. People may think they’re paying a little less, but in actuality, untrained professionals make your vehicles issues a matter of trial and error, guessing which parts need to be replaced to fix that funny noise and potentially causing new problems. Look for mechanic shops that are ASE Certified and Scottsdale body shops that are I-Car Certified. Airpark Collision Center is I-Car Gold Certified, meaning that our technicians attend classes for recertification each year. Our Scottsdale body shop staff is trained on the latest vehicle technology and safety standards ensuring customers quality repairs.

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.