Local Performance Management

Scottsdale’s efficient, results-driven management of city services has earned our community a seat among the International City/County Management Association’s most prized communities. As friends & neighbors with a vested interest in the safety and wellness of Scottsdale, your favorite collision repair professionals couldn’t be more proud to call this city our home.

The city is one of only 28 local governments – only four in Arizona – to earn the ICMA’s 2013 Certificate of Excellence. Awarded by the ICMA Center for Performance Measurement, the ICMA’s highest honor bestowed on a municipality recognizes particularly effective management of municipal services. Through detailed measurement, analysis and reporting, this certificate program aims to achieve stronger results by assessing the effectiveness of ongoing practices and making comparisons against similar peers.

“The certificate program recognizes the principles of performance management,” said Wayne Sommer, the association’s director of U.S. programs. “Jurisdictions meeting the qualifications have demonstrated leadership in continuous improvement and community engagement, and they serve as examples for other governments to follow.”

Ideally, initiatives developed with this program’s guidance reduce costs and better prioritize quality improvement in civic programs’ operations.

Among the City of Scottsdale’s achievement in revamping its resource management, the Scottsdale City Court’s workload analysis revealed a 200-cases-plus DUI backlog that had gone dormant well past the city’s 180-day processing guideline. The responding court-staff initiative both focused narrowly on making a dent in that backlog and proposed employing more temporary judges while reopening an unused fifth courtroom.

To learn more about Scottsdale’s participation in ICMA performance management programs and the ICMA Center for Performance Measurement, visit www.scottsdaleaz.gov/departments/citymanager/performance and www.icma.org/performance.

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