Need to Get Hooked Up With a Good Tow Company?

Airpark Collision Center does not own tow trucks – we leave it to the experts! Working in north Scottsdale we repair mostly premium brands and newer vehicles. When it comes time to tow a vehicle we are careful who we choose to deliver to our auto body shop. Experience and special training is needed to avoid additional vehicle damage.

I Need a Tow Truck, Who do I Call?

If you need a tow from the scene of an accident, your driveway or another tow yard call us! Airpark Collision Center does not have their own trucks but we sure know who to call. Believe it or not, it matters which tow company you chose. Some tow truck companies actually damage your vehicle as it is being loaded on or off the truck. Some tow yards give customers a hard time about moving the vehicle because they want to charge storage fees. It is bad enough when someone has been involved in a car accident, they certainly don’t need more grief from the tow company.

Best Tow Company in Phoenix:

Airpark Collision Center consistently uses Quik Pik Towing. We choose Quik Pik for a variety of reasons:

  1. They are careful while loading and unloading your car.
  2. They are equipped with a large fleet and respond within a reasonable amount of time.
  3. No games. The company is professional.
  4. The office staff and drivers are knowledgeable and friendly.

Check out their site for more information:

Need a Tow for a Premium Brand?

Beware, not every tow company is qualified to tow luxury vehicles. Towing depends on several factors. If you search the internet, you will find some tow truck drivers use You Tube when unsure how to tow certain vehicle brands. The YouTube video below was made to show tow truck drivers how to put a Tesla into neutral or tow mode.

A Right Way and A Wrong Way To Tow:

Several factors play a role in towing a vehicle, here are a few things to consider:

  • Is a flat bed needed?
  • Are wheel straps connected properly?
  • Are break away chains securing the vehicle?


Who Pays for the Tow?

If you call us with an insurance claim number, we will pay for the tow and then bill the insurance company.

Another option is to choose your own tow company and pay them directly. Some customers are AAA members and take advantage of the free towing benefit.

Does My Car Get Towed the Same Day?

Your car may or may not get towed immediately to a collision repair center. The tow often depends on time of day. Generally, cars that are involved in late afternoon accidents are often towed to the auto body shop the following day.

My Car is Stuck in Tow Yard Storage. What Now?

While the vehicle is at the tow yard, the insurance company may come to write the estimate. You also have the option of calling an auto body shop to set up a tow from the storage lot to the collision repair facility. The insurance adjuster will simply write the estimate at the auto body shop.

Do I have to Sign a Release?

Most tow companies ask for a release before the vehicle is moved to an auto body shop. Some companies make this hard and some make it pretty easy. It depends on the company you choose.

My Car Ended Up at a Different Auto Body Shop!

Oh yes… You tell the driver to bring it to shop “A” and the vehicle ends up at auto body shop “B”. Unfortunately, some drivers receive incentives to deliver vehicles to certain collision repair centers. Remember an auto body shop is not allowed to disassemble your vehicle without your written authorization. If your vehicle is towed to the wrong auto body repair facility, remind them that you did not sign authorization for repair at their collision center.

Airpark Collision Repair Center Building

I’m Not Sure What Auto Body Shop To Choose?

If you ask the driver for suggestions, he will probably give you a few. Remember, he might have his own reasons for selecting a specific collision repair center. We recommend quickly Googling his suggestions. What are the reviews? Are they manufactured certified? You don’t want your new car in “Bob’s Outdoor Garage”.

Does The Insurance Company Play a Role in Where my Car is Towed?

Some insurance companies will set up a tow for you with their contracted towing company. These tow trucks try to bring your vehicle to the insurance companies “preferred” repair facilities. You will want to make sure it is “preferred” by you, so please Google. After all what is the criteria for being preferred? Is it because they do great work or because they do inexpensive repairs for the insurance company?

We know being involved in a collision is overwhelming. We can help answer questions about insurance, rental cars, towing and repairs. If you are ever involved in an accident just call Airpark Collision Center or tell the driver to bring the vehicle to us. We work with all insurance companies, have numerous certifications and consistently produce quality repair work.

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.

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