Nextdoor Favorites Award Recipient

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Airpark Collision Center is proud to announce winning the “Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorites” award for 2022! Over the years Airpark Collision Center has earned numerous certifications and recognitions, however the Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorites award is special because our neighborhood customers voted us best in the auto body and collision repair category. As a small business we do everything we can to earn our customers and this award is validation that we are doing business the right way!

What is Nextdoor? The Nextdoor app connects you with neighbors in your area. Share a photo of wildlife, inform neighbors, or ask a question such as  “What is the best auto body shop in Scottsdale?” Learn more about Nextdoor here:

What is Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorites?  Neighborhood Favorites is a unique business award program based on positive recommendations from real neighbors that live in the local community. The list of favorites includes restaurants, hair salons and many other categories. This award is sponsored by American Express who has a history of supporting small business.

How do I vote for my neighborhood favorites?

Airpark Collision Center Facility

Vote by creating a Nextdoor post and @mentioning a favorite business with the hashtag #NeighborhoodFavoritesContest, or by leaving recommendations on Business Pages. The 2022 winning list of businesses in each city will be available at on August 22, 2022. You can also identify favorites by the trophy icon next to the business name.

Find reputable Scottsdale collision repair!

How can I find reputable auto body repair near me?

In addition to checking the Nextdoor app, read several online review platforms-not just Facebook or Yelp. Even if your insurance company refers you to one of their “preferred” Scottsdale collision repair centers, it is important to do your own homework. Choosing the wrong auto body facility could affect your vehicle repair experience. You will want to be certain the shop you choose has a good reputation for quality auto body repair and excellent customer service in case an issue does arise. 

Collision repair estimate tips

Dent repair: Dents come in a variety of sizes and locations on a vehicle. The responsibility of a reputable auto body shop is to match the right repair to the damage. In some cases paintless dent repair or PDR may be an option, sometimes traditional auto body repair is required unless it is simply less expensive to replace a panel rather than fix the damaged area. See this link for more information on dent repair.

Scratch repair: Scratch repair depends on the depth of the scratch. Of course everyone hopes their vehicle scratch can be buffed out and not repainted. Besides the depth, look to see if the scratch is running across more than one panel. Depending on the location and paint color, a painting technique called blending may be required. Please click here for more information on scratch repair.

Bumper repair: When a bumper is damaged there are a few options and often it depends on the cost of a replacement bumper. Simply put, is it less expensive to replace than repair? However, If you are paying out of pocket and drive a luxury brand it might be less costly to repair (the price of a high end brand replacement may be very high). Scottsdale collision repair facilities that frequently repair higher end vehicles may have a plastic welder. An experienced technician using a plastic welder may be able to repair a bumper depending on the severity of damage. Click here for more information on bumper repair.

Minor to major collision repair: Whether your vehicle suffers from minor or major collision damage. Airpark Collision Center is ready to provide a comprehensive repair, including frame/unibody, accident related electrical and mechanical repair. Learn more:

Quality collision repair or cheap auto body repair? Keep in mind a reputable auto body shop’s top priority is a correct and safe repair. The cost should reflect the labor and parts needed to achieve the repair. In addition, a quality collision repair facility will extend a lifetime workmanship warranty because they are confident with their auto body repair. Cheap repairs may not last and could put you and your passengers at risk in a future collision. 

Airpark Collision Center Staff photo 2022

Airpark Collision Center opened in 2006 and is locally owned. We believe in following industry collision repair procedures and using premium supplies. Annual technician training and equipping our facility with the latest equipment allows our technicians to produce quality collision repair on today’s advanced vehicles. The Nextdoor Favorites award is much appreciated because we know we are delivering on our commitment to quality minded service. Please stop in for an estimate or click here!

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