We’re Not Your Father’s Body Shop

If you are like me you remember the days when cars did not have airbags, back up cameras, and hoods that are designed to fold like an accordion on impact. Thankfully technology has advanced and made its way into the automotive business, resulting in safer vehicles that minimize injury. For most people, design and safety features influence buying decision. So, when your vehicle is compromised in an accident, don’t you want your vehicle put back to factory specifications?

Vehicle technology has improved, but did you know even the frame and materials used to build the cars are different too? If you are bringing your 2014 vehicle to an auto body shop that opened in the 1970’s, are they equipped to restore your vehicle correctly? Expensive cars such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, etc. are even more complicated to fix and need to be repaired with modern equipment. Airpark Collision Center’s frame machine is computerized and pulls the unibody structure (frame) back to factory specifications, leaving nothing to chance.

Modernized auto body shops also need various kinds of welders. Some weld plastic, some weld bronze and aluminum, and some make factory spot welds so that no one can tell the damage has been repaired. Airpark Collision Center is proud to say we have all the latest equipment to repair today’s vehicles. In fact, we often receive vehicles from other auto body shops that start the repair only to find out they don’t have the equipment or the skill level required to finish the job.

Automotive paint, is another issue. Many paints today are pearl or three stage finishes. Airpark Collision Center only sprays PPG water based paint. Yes, the paint is more expensive, but the result is accurate color matching achieved by the product, computerized mixing and a skilled refinish technician. Plus, PPG is used in most auto manufacturing plants making the repair unnoticeable. Besides, accurate color matching, our premium water based paint is not harmful to the environment or our employees. Each vehicle is sprayed in one of our state of the art paint booths with a baked on finish. Did you know some auto body shops (even at dealerships) will spray small jobs in the shop where dust and debris can get into wet paint?

Airpark Collision Center prides itself on being the most progressive auto body shop in Scottsdale. We continue to invest in the latest equipment so that we can repair newer vehicles the right way. Whether our customers are driving a Chevy or a Mercedes, the same equipment and materials are always used. Airpark Collision Center has high standards for repairs and so should consumers.

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.