Up-coming Workshops in Scottsdale

C’mon, Scottsdale. Why let the young hog all the enriching fun as they charge headlong back to school?

Scottsdale’s city leaders invite all citizens to join its upcoming General Plan 2014 workshops and be critical parts of defining Scottsdale’s future community-betterment priorities. The two identical sessions take place respectively from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 6-8 p.m. at the Mountain View Recreation Center at 8625 Mountain View Rd., to accommodate a variety of schedules.


Our community decision-makers realize that the beauty, style and unique old-meets-new charm of Scottsdale isn’t a product of citizens being mere spectators to the rigmarole of business-as-usual council meetings. Progress and enlightenment alike come from conversation.

These two workshops focus on defining the city’s upcoming Character Area Plans, explaining both what they are and valuable roles they plan in defining development, revitalization and preservation priorities. Through goals and policies that are individually, narrowly area-focused, Character Area Plans also help guarantee that the more specific goals play significant parts in Scottsdale’s General Plan 2014 process as it moves forward.

The Character Area Plan workshops employ maps, visual tools and open conversation to help community leaders narrow their focus to Scottsdale’s character areas that make our community distinctive.

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