What does Collision Insurance Cover?

What does Collision Insurance Cover?

If you are searching for answers regarding auto insurance coverage, your vehicle is probably in need of collision repair. Most consumers believe that if they pay for auto insurance monthly then the insurance company should pay to fix their vehicle properly. While this is reasonable to you and me, it is not always true. Like any other industry there is good, bad and in between. The intent of this blog is to provide consumers with information to help guide vehicle owners through the insurance claim and collision repair process.


Making a claim: 

The insurance company will take your call and guide you through the claims process. Often, they will tell you to choose an auto body repair facility. Once you start making calls or visiting Scottsdale collision repair shops you may find out that some insurers have a bad reputation and not every auto body shop will be willing to work with specific companies.


Why do collision repair shops sometimes refuse to work with some insurance companies?

In short, a responsible Scottsdale auto body repair facility is committed to repairing a collision-damaged vehicle according to industry or manufacturer requirements. The problem arises when insurance companies refuse to pay for certain procedures, parts or even enough labor time to ensure a safe repair.


What can the consumer do?

  1. A consumer may not have a choice of insurer at the time of an accident but they do have a choice of collision repair facilities. Once you locate a Scottsdale auto body shop that is willing to work with the insurer, make sure they also have a reputation for keeping customers informed. Most customers want to know how the repair is progressing and if the insurance company is cooperating in getting their vehicle safely back on the road.
  2. Be prepared to confront your insurance adjuster when the auto body shop tells you they won’t pay for a required collision repair procedure or part. Insurance companies are eager to retain policyholders and their voice often carries weight.
  3. When it comes time to buy car insurance, choose a reputable insurer, not the cheapest. There is no value in having an insurance policy that does not have quality coverage.
  4. If someone hit your vehicle and has insufficient coverage or the coverage is from a substandard insurance company, you may consider making a claim on your own policy.

How do I know if I am working with a good insurance company?

How do I know if I am working with a good insurance company?

Unfortunately, the list of “difficult to work with insurance companies” includes some smaller companies and even a few large insurers. This often surprises people! I strongly recommend talking to your family, friends, and neighbors, especially if they have recently made a claim. 


Are auto body shops just being greedy?

Are auto body shops just being greedy? 

There is a cost to hiring master technicians, buying the latest equipment to work on today’s advanced vehicles and quality paint and other materials. Less quality minded shops save money on these things and can do work for insurers cheaply.


What are things some insurance companies don’t want to pay for?

  • Diagnostic scanning (pre and post) is recommended or required by almost every vehicle manufacturer. The vehicle owner and collision repair facility want to be sure every sensor is working properly if another accident occurs. Skipping this procedure simply puts vehicle passengers at risk.
  • Tinting color: Maybe your vehicle has faded a bit in the sun, and only the door needs to be painted. Tinting the color takes the refinish technician extra time so that it matches the rest of your vehicle.
  • Blending paint: Again, maybe just your door has to be repainted, but you want it to blend with the whole side of your car. This operation allows the refinish technician to blend into adjacent panels for an even color application.
  • Labor time: Reputable Scottsdale auto body shops follow repair procedures and get labor times off of the most well-known collision repair estimating system. If a labor procedure says 4 hours, the insurer may only say they are paying for 3.
  • Cost of materials and labor: Inflation has caused materials and labor to increase in almost every industry, however, some insurers choose to turn a blind eye to the rising cost of utilizing premium materials and skilled labor to ensure a proper, safe repair that lasts.


Whether a vehicle has a small dent or major collision damage, it takes everyone working together for a quality and safe auto body repair. Educated consumers know all collision repairers and insurers are not the same, and the differences can be very startling. A good rule of thumb is to choose a Scottsdale auto body shop and estimator you trust and who will communicate with you if a problem arises.

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