What is Seam Sealer?

Part of the auto body process may include application of seam seal. Some auto manufacturers seam seal their own replacement parts at the factory before shipping out to their warehouses, and other brands leave application to the auto body repair facility. The purpose of seam seal is to keep moisture, dust and dirt from sections where two materials meet. The seam seal may cover several materials, for example plastic to metal, or metal to metal. This product acts as a protectant on the vehicle’s upper body, interior, and exterior.

ACC - Seam Sealer

Where is seam seal applied?
Seam seal must be applied to certain vehicle parts, especially those exposed to the elements. Some vehicle parts and areas requiring seam seal may include:

  • Door jambs
  • Door skins
  • Door hem flanges
  • Seams and joints
  • Floor pans
  • Interior seams and joints
  • Rear body panels
  • Rocker panels

What texture is seam seal?
Texture is usually termed as “the bead.” Bead types are usually made with different style tips that are attached to the nozzle end of the seam seal applicator gun. Brushes are also used to replicate the OEM textures.

ACC - Seam Sealer 2

Is seam seal necessary?
Seam seal acts as a shield preventing rust stains and other damage. While Scottsdale experiences a dry climate, seam seal is still applied to protect vehicles during car washes, our seasonal rains and of course weather conditions when traveling outside the valley of the sun.

Can seam seal be painted?
Again, some manufacturers send out brand new OEM replacement parts with the seam seal already applied, and other brands do not. Each seam seal manufacturer has recommendations as to how long to wait before applying a refinishing (paint) product. It is important to note that not all seam seal is painted over. A quality collision repair facility will duplicate the pre-accident condition of the vehicle. In other words, applying seam seal where it was before and only painting over the application if it was released from the factory that way.

ACC - Seam Sealer 3

Who applies the seam seal?
The Scottsdale collision repair technician working on your vehicle will apply the seam seal. There are many steps to proper collision repair, keep in mind professional collision repair technicians are focused on returning the vehicle back to factory specifications. Depending on the type of seam seal, this may be one of the last steps before the Scottsdale collision repair technician sends the vehicle to the refinish department for paint work.

Are there different types of seam seal?
Airpark Collision Center uses both sprayable and standard spreadable seam seal. Quality collision repair goes hand in hand with using premium materials. Our Scottsdale collision repair facility uses only 3M brand seam seal. Duplicating the materials and application method from the factory protects your vehicle and is also aesthetically pleasing to vehicle owners.

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