Where is the Best Scottsdale Auto Body Repair Shop Near Me?

Did you purchase one of the hottest cars in 2021? If you did and you are in need of collision repair, take a bit of time and choose the best Scottsdale collision repair facility to return your vehicle back to factory specifications!

Car and Driver listed the models below as best-selling vehicles of the year (so far).


#1 Ford F-series

#2 Ram Pick up

#3 Chevy Silverado

#5 Honda CRV

#6 Nissan Rogue

#9 Honda Civic

#12 GMC Sierra

#13 Chevrolet Equinox

#14 Jeep Wrangler

#15 Ford Explorer

#16 Honda Accord

#17 Jeep Grand Cherokee

What is a certified collision repair center? 

If your car is on the list, rest assured Airpark Collision Center is an OEM certified collision repair center and can return your vehicle to factory standards! Collision repair facilities certified by the manufacturer have earned certification by purchasing the right tools and equipment required to repair today’s vehicles correctly. In addition, annual technician and even estimator training are necessary. Having the right tools and equipment and training is only part of the requirement. Certified Scottsdale collision repair centers are inspected annually to ensure equipment is working properly, the facility is clean, and provides a professional environment for their customers. 

How do I choose the best Scottsdale auto body repair facility?

Just like restaurants, there are all kinds of auto body repair facilities and you should pick one that is in line with your expectations. Read on for more information.

Most customers fall into one of these 2 categories:

1. Sometimes a customer is paying out of pocket and their objective is to find the best price. Please be aware, cheap auto body shops use inexpensive labor and materials. Also, keep in mind, cars today are equipped with advanced technology, and require pre and post-diagnostic scanning. In addition, many newer models are constructed with aluminum panels requiring different auto body repair methods and tools. Do not assume every auto body repair facility is equipped with these scanners and certified to repair aluminum. 

Some people think they have minor auto body damage, so price (not quality) is paramount. Consider this, you may believe the damage is minor, but are you certain no computerized components, like sensors were shaken upon impact? What if this disconnect prevents an airbag from deploying in a future accident? Certified Honda, Ram, Ford, etc. collision repair centers, pre and post-diagnostic scan newer vehicles to prevent compromising any safety features.

If your car did not collide with another vehicle or object, you may not have that concern but you should still be careful choosing the right Scottsdale auto body shop for your vehicle. I’ll give you an example, recently a customer with a brand new F-150 had a truck door that was keyed. He was paying out of pocket and looking for the right price. A cheap body shop might spot in the paint. Spotting in paint is a no-no at a professional Scottsdale auto body shop. First of all, it will look spotted in and second, the paint will probably start to peel. Consider the quality of paint, is it going to match the surrounding panels? I would also guess a cheap estimate will not include blending adjacent panels; because that would increase the labor and material expense. Now, if the vehicle is a 2001 Honda Accord, maybe this is not a concern. If you have a newer vehicle, take into consideration that even if you can’t see the repair, the person who is taking your trade-in or examining the vehicle at end of lease inspection will notice the bad repair. Considering all these factors can help you make the decision right for you and your vehicle.

2. If you are making an insurance claim, the insurance company may have what they call a direct repair facility or “preferred” facility. Ask yourself, why the shops on the list might be preferred for the insurance company? Airpark Collision Center works with every insurance company, but you will not find us on every “preferred” list. Our priority is quality repair with fair prices.

How long will it take to complete the repair?

Following proper repair methods or OEM procedures is required at a professional and certified Scottsdale collision repair facility. This means, we don’t skip steps and that benefits your vehicle. Airpark Collision Center preps each vehicle in both the body and paint department before work begins to ensure a lasting high-quality repair. Some parts are disassembled from the vehicle body and then repaired and painted. After refinishing they are reassembled. Yes, this process takes longer, but we are committed to collision repair the right way.

Once the collision repair is completed, the interior and exterior of the vehicle is cleaned, next the car, truck or SUV is sent for a quality check, post-diagnostic scan, and test drive. Airpark Collision Center’s realizes aesthetics are only part of returning your vehicle back to factory specifications. 

Free Collision Repair Estimates:

Airpark Collision Center’s estimators are annually trained and utilize the best collision estimating software and automotive diagnostic scanners. Since opening in 2006, we continue to provide professional collision repair and excellent customer service for valley vehicle owners. Please stop in or click here for a free estimate!

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.

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