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Does ACC Have Auto Parts in Stock?

Airpark Collision Center repairs many brands of vehicles therefore it is impossible to keep stock on hand. Fortunately, we have long standing relationships with many vendors in the valley. This means we often receive the majority of parts the same or next day. Often the same vendor delivers to us twice in one day.

Why Do Some Parts Take Longer Than Others To Arrive?

We understand the frustration of waiting for certain auto parts. Sometimes a parts delay is due to the vehicle’s age. If the car is very new, a small quantity may be on hand because the parts are still in production at the factory. If a vehicle is older, new parts are not in the vendor’s warehouse, which means we must locate them at a salvage yard. Of course, import parts that are not in dealer inventory must be ordered from overseas. Items such as seat belts and airbags are required to be ground shipped for safety reasons. Custom rims, or older aftermarket accessories can also slow down the parts process.

Why is Hidden Damage Always Found?

I have actually heard people joke about hidden damage. “Of course the auto body shop found hidden damage…” Well the truth is, it often happens. When an estimate is written it can only include visible damage. We cannot guess and add potential repairs to the estimate or this would constitute insurance fraud. We can only warn the customer that we suspect more damage underneath. When the vehicle is in the auto body shop and the technician begins to disassemble we can now confirm hidden damage. We immediately photograph and contact the insurance company. Often the insurance company will send an adjuster to view the additional damage before approving the supplement.

Why is the Repair so Expensive and Why Does it Take Longer than Expected?

Most people know that auto body repair can be expensive. If you consider the cost, it makes sense that the repair will not be completed in one day. Besides insurance approval and part issues, the quality of the repair takes time. We paint most parts off the vehicle and then reassemble. Doing things the right way involves extra steps, and takes time.

Why is it an Estimated Completion Date?

Think of a surgeon, if he finds something inside the body that needs attention can he just ignore the issue? Well, we sometimes find ourselves in a similar situation. The repair is underway and the technician discovers something else wrong. Maybe a dashboard light is on, maybe a clip breaks, or sometimes existing plastic parts are brittle and crack during the repair. We try really hard to make the date but sometimes it is beyond our control and we simply will not release a car that is not completed to our standards.

When You Find Additional Damage Why Does it Take the Insurance Company so Long to Approve the Repair?

As soon as we find damage not listed on the original estimate, we photograph, price the required parts and labor and send to the insurance company for approval. This is called a supplement. Most of the time the insurance company will send their adjuster to inspect the vehicle. Insurance companies have 5-7 work days to send an adjuster. Usually, it is quicker but this never happens at the speed of light. Once the supplement is approved we have permission to order the extra parts and/or continue repairs.

Luxury Car Collision Repair

Should I Choose an Insurance Preferred Auto Body Shop?

You will find us on very few “preferred” lists. Not every insurance company has the same philosophy as Airpark Collision Center: Customer service and quality repairs before cost. Many insurance companies choose certain auto body shops to keep costs low. This means a technician might repair a part to save money, when it really should be replaced. Insurance preferred auto body shops often skip steps to get the car in and out, in efforts to save the insurance company rental car costs. These “preferred” auto body shops are rewarded with a bigger volume of work if they keep repairs inexpensive and turn the work fast. Fortunately Airpark Collision Center is very choosy and while we work with every insurance company we are not on every preferred list. This gives us the freedom to repair the right way.

Repair vs Replace?

We can repair if it is not a structural part. If it is a non-structural part we might repair unless it is less expensive to purchase a new part. For customers paying out of pocket, this is important.

Damaged Car Door

How Do We Know if a Whole Door has to be Replaced or Just a Door Skin?

We cut open the old skin to see if the intrusion beam is bent. If so, that’s a safety issue and the whole door must be replaced.

Can Paintless Dent Repair Work on any Car?

Paintless dent repair is like magic! Unfortunately, not every car is a candidate for PDR. It depends on where the dent is located and the depth of the dent. I have witnessed the technician, using various tools sometimes working from the outside of the panel and sometimes from the inside. Often we have to remove a panel so that the technician can access the interior to pull the dent. Check out our You Tube video on PDR to see how it is done.

How Much is it to Repair a Small Dent?

Well, there are many factors to consider. Where is the dent located? Is the dent a candidate for paintless dent repair? If not, how long will it take the technician to repair using traditional repair methods? How many panels will have to be painted? Using a well respected estimating program we are able to calculate the cost.

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