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(updated as of March 11, 2021)

Collision Repair Cost Examples

Does ACC have Auto Parts in Stock and are the Prices Less Expensive than the Dealer?

Airpark Collision Center repairs several brands of vehicles, therefore storing all parts to every vehicle is impossible. However, if a part is available, we can order and usually have it within a day or two. Over the last 15 years, we have built relationships with many local dealerships and part vendors. In addition, we have the resources to obtain parts quickly nationwide.

While our part prices may be similar to the dealer, our labor cost to install is significantly less. We also, have access to quality aftermarket parts, which may save you money if you are paying out of pocket.

What if I Find the Part Online For Less?

It is worth noting that shopping online for parts yourself might be risky. Some parts online are advertised as “OEM” but are really not OEM. If you see an OEM part online for significantly less than what the dealer or collision repair and refinishing facility quoted you, beware! These parts are the fake Gucci bags of the automotive parts industry! Buying real OEM or quality aftermarket ensures the parts meet required safety standards.

On a separate note, if you are looking for an aftermarket part, you should know they do not always fit. Sometimes they are unusable and sometimes additional labor hours are required to modify the part for a decent fit. Also, keep in mind, some aftermarket vendors do not accept returns. Airpark Collision Center only purchases parts from reputable dealers or aftermarket vendors with a return policy.

My Part is on Backorder, What Can I Do?

Backordered parts are certainly frustrating for the vehicle owner and the collision repair facility. Most of the time a backorder exists if a car reaches a certain age or is too new. If the vehicle was recently introduced to the market, there may be a small quantity available because the parts are still in production. On the other hand, manufacturers slow down parts production as vehicles age and a limited warehouse supply exists. In a situation like this, the most reasonable solution for a new vehicle part is simply to be patient. Older model parts may be available at a salvage yard as long as the quality is not compromised.

I am Paying Out of Pocket, what if there is Hidden Damage?

Estimates are a rough calculation of visual vehicle damage. It would be dishonest to add parts or labor to the estimate for items that may need repair or replacement. Generally hidden damage is found when exterior panels are removed, however, diagnostic scanning could also detect an issue or even a test drive. Remember, aside from exterior damage there could be mechanical issues, or problems with sensors and onboard computers caused by the collision.

Paying out of pocket can be risky, it could be a few inexpensive clips added to the invoice or it could be costly parts, recalibration, wiring, etc. Depending on the insurance company switching from an out-of-pocket repair to an insurance claim may be difficult. It is best to have a conversation with the estimator and try to decide how to proceed before collision repair costs start to mount.

Why is Collision Repair Cost so Expensive and Why Does it Take Longer than Expected?

Most people know that collision repair and refinishing can be pricey. If you consider the cost, it makes sense that the auto body repair will not be wrapped up in a couple of days. Consider the process, a vehicle is disassembled, hidden damage may be found, the insurance company must approve the additional parts and labor, then parts may be ordered and when they arrive then repairs will continue.

Please take in to account that today’s vehicles are equipped with quite a bit of technology, therefore collision repair and refinishing is not reduced to swapping out bumpers or just pulling a dent. Most newer vehicles require diagnostic scanning to ensure all safety items and technology is operating properly. Even though the vehicle is put back together and looks great, a diagnostic scan may indicate an issue with sensors or other vehicle components.

It is also worth mentioning that a quality repair takes time and that means following proper collision repair procedures. Since opening in 2006, Airpark Collision Center began offering a lifetime labor warranty for as long as you own the vehicle. We believe skipping steps to save time is not in the best interest of the vehicle owner.

How Much will a Rental Car Cost Me?

Rental car costs are not cheap. I always recommend adding rental reimbursement to an auto policy. The cost of coverage is usually pretty reasonable and well worth it. If you do not have rental reimbursement, ask the collision repair and refinishing facility if the rental car company they work with will extend any discounts. Currently, the rental car company we work with extends a discounted price to our customers for about $30 per day.

Luxury Car Collision Repair

Will it be Less Expensive to Repair than Replace?

Whenever we write an estimate for a customer, we prioritize safety and manufacturer recommendations. That means, if a part is compromised in a certain way, it will need to be replaced. In other cases, a part may be repairable, but the labor to complete the job is more expensive than buying a new part. In this type of scenario it is more advantageous to purchase a replacement part.

Damaged Car Door

How Do We Know if a Whole Door has to be Replaced or Just a Door Skin?

We cut open the old skin to see if the intrusion beam is bent. If so, that’s a safety issue and the whole door must be replaced.

What is the Collision Repair Cost of Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is the way to go if you are interested in saving time and money. However, not every dent is a candidate for paintless dent repair. For example, if the dent is on a body line, too big, the paint is shattered or if the technician is unable to gain access it will have to be repaired through traditional dent repair methods.

Starting price for PDR (paintless dent removal) is about $90. One of the benefits of choosing a professional collision repair facility for PDR is our traditional auto body technicians can assist the PDR tech by removing panels. Removing panels allows the PDR tech access to dents he otherwise may not be able to reach.

Sometimes an inexperienced PDR technician will approach vehicle owners in the Walmart or Home Depot parking lot. While these guys work inexpensively, you may not be happy with the result. I can tell you that we have fixed quite a bit of their work. Unfortunately, these customers ended up spending more because they had to pay for a corrective dent repair.

A professional paintless dent technician, uses various tools, sometimes working from the outside of the panel and sometimes from the inside. Often we have to remove a panel so that the technician can access the interior to pull the dent. Check out our YouTube video on PDR to see how it is done.

Airpark Collision Center opened in 2006 with a commitment to proper repairs and excellent customer service. Please stop in or click here for a quick estimate!

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.