Bumper Repair FAQs

Bumper Repair FAQs

How do I evaluate bumper damage? Bumper damage evaluation should be assessed by a professional collision repair estimator. As a vehicle owner, you can start to get an idea of the extent of damage by looking at other parts, not just the bumper. Are the headlights or tail lights broken? Is the grille cracked? These are expensive vehicle components that may help you understand the cost of repair and consider making an insurance claim.

Huge Costs of Mismatched Bumpers 

Why is bumper repair so expensive? Keep in mind, the cost depends on the extent of damage, is it just the bumper cover or is there damage underneath? If it is just bumper cover damage, it is still not an easy or cheap auto body repair. Consider if your vehicle is equipped with blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and other advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) utilizing sensors behind the bumper cover. Collision repair is calculated by labor hours and parts/materials, making each bumper repair/replacement a somewhat unique situation.

How much does a new bumper cost? The cost of a new bumper depends on year, make, and model of the vehicle. If aftermarket inventory exists and the fit is good, you may be able to save some money. 

Is cheap bumper repair a good idea? Remember, the purpose of a bumper is to protect passengers during a collision. A cheap repair may have your bumper cover looking nice, but what about addressing damage underneath? Generally, a “cheap body shop” employs unskilled technicians and the facility has no industry or OEM certifications. Using a “cheap body shop” is scary because repairs are not allowed just anywhere on a bumper cover.  In fact, many OEM’s have different levels of warnings when it comes to repairing bumper covers with ADAS.

Can I buy the bumper and have the auto body shop paint and install? Taking this route is a little risky for the vehicle owner. Do not assume every Honda Civic (or any model vehicle) has the same bumper as your car.  Each bumper is different depending on your vehicle’s options. Often the cutouts for sensors do not line up properly. Even if you order by VIN, problematic issues may exist. For example, a GM bumper made in Canada may not fit on the same GM vehicle if it was constructed in the U.S. Also, be aware many auto body shops will not install a bumper or parts they did not purchase. Ordering aftermarket is even more of a risk because it may not fit properly. A professional Scottsdale collision repair facility uses reputable OEM and aftermarket vendors with a good return policy. 

Why does one Scottsdale auto body shop suggest replacement and another suggest bumper repair?

There may be several reasons, first off it is quicker to replace than repair, secondly, maybe the technician doesn’t have the experience to complete a quality repair or even the right tools/equipment. Another consideration is the cost of replacement. Sometimes, it is less expensive to replace rather than repair extensive damage. It is best to do your homework and work with a reputable Scottsdale collision repair facility.

Bumper Test for Mid-Size Sedans:

How much is bumper repair? The cost of bumper repair depends on the extent of damage, how much labor is involved and parts/materials. Correct bumper repair often includes removing the bumper from the vehicle. Many times, the taillights need to be removed in order to detach the rear bumper. The bumper is then repaired and painted off of the vehicle. The bumper cover is reinstalled, along with lights and sensor wiring. All these operations take time and skill to repair properly.

Is it ok to use an aftermarket bumper? Aftermarket bumpers are not all the same. It is important for collision repair facilities to work with quality vendors with a good return policy. 

Do I really need to have my bumper repaired? A damaged bumper cannot protect you or your vehicle properly. While the damage may not bother you or impede driving, be aware the next collision can cause serious harm to parts of the vehicle’s cooling, exhaust systems, hood, trunk, or grille.

Is it safe to drive with a damaged bumper? Driving with a damaged bumper is dangerous, even if the bumper has not detached from the vehicle. The vibrations from continued driving may loosen this critical part. If the bumper comes off it could collide with another car or get under your wheels, causing you to lose control of your vehicle.

IIHS recognizes safest 2022 models 

Airpark Collision Center opened in 2006 and has earned a reputation for honesty and quality repair. Our master technicians and auto body estimators will appraise your vehicle’s damage and offer you choices whenever possible. Working with a reputable collision repair facility is the first step to returning your vehicle back to pre-collision status!