Bumper Repair

Bumper Repair Results in Scottsdale

At Airpark Collision Center, we do not decide to repair or replace bumpers based on our profit, we do what is right for the customer.

  • Bumper Replacement- If you are paying out of pocket we will be happy to price OEM and/or aftermarket.
  • Bumper Repair- Traditional auto body repair completed by master level technicians for the same price.
  • Plastic Repair Great for Lexus, BMW, or any other luxury vehicle. Plastic welding allows us to repair ripped or torn bumpers that normally would have to be replaced.

We know all auto body repair facilities can help with bumper damage, but are they offering what is right for you and your car or their collision repair shop? We present our customers wth repair choices depending on the damage, cost and length of repair time.

We can determine the most cost effective repair by taking into consideration the kind of car and the extent of damage. For example, it may be less expensive to replace a bumper on a Chevy rather than charge for a long repair.  On the other hand if a customer drives a Mercedes-Benz or another luxury vehicle, the cost of a replacement bumper could easily exceed the cost of a repair. In this case bumper repair or plastic repair is the way to go!

Whichever method is right for you and your car, we can promise our customers a stress-free repair.

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