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Bumper Repair at Airpark Collision Center

Repairing damage to front and rear bumpers are a common repair. Cracks, scratches and dents are unsightly and could devalue your vehicle at trade in. Luckily Airpark Collision Center can help with these issues. 

Bumper repair can include a traditional repair where the plastic is heated and the dent is massaged out. In the case of a scuff, the bumper may only need a light repair and paint work. Airpark Collision Center also has the capability of repairing broken tabs, rips and even small holes through the use of our state of the art plastic welder. With the proper equipment and skilled technicians we have the ability to fix bumpers that other auto body shops cannot repair.

Do not assume your vehicle needs a bumper replaced. You have options:

Upon evaluation of your vehicle’s bumper damage and through the use of our professional estimating software we can provide you with the right information to make an informed choice.

Frequently, customers who drive a luxury brand vehicle such as Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc choose bumper repair because the cost of replacement is very high. However, customers that drive a Chevrolet or Hyundai often choose replacement because a new bumper may start around $250. Other times a bumper will need extensive repair, in this case it may be less expensive to replace with an aftermarket or OEM bumper. Each situation is different.

Bumper Repair Results in Scottsdale
Bumper Repair Results -Before and After

Why would you choose to repair a bumper rather than buy a replacement?

  1. If you are paying out of pocket this could save you a considerable amount of money.
  2. You can retain your vehicle’s original OEM bumper.

Bumper Inspection:

When your vehicle is brought into our facility for a quote, one of our estimators will inspect the exterior damage. Sometimes the absorber or reinforcement bar is also compromised but it is not noticeably visible. The absorber’s purpose is to absorb shock in a collision and looks like a large piece of styrofoam. The reinforcement bar strengthens the entire bumper. The exterior part that is visibly damaged is merely a bumper cover. Remember a bumper’s primary objective is to keep you and your passengers safe. If these interior components are also compromised they will not protect you in another collision. Keep in mind, bumpers are also intended to protect the fuel, exhaust, cooling system, headlamps and tail lights. 

Inexpensive Repairs:

Not all auto body shops complete repairs the same way. There is only one way to make collision repairs and that is the right way! For example, we would never spot in paint, because it will peel. Our auto body technicians always remove the bumper from the vehicle to make collision repairs. Detaching the bumper is an industry-standard and allows for the best repair and ensures proper paint adherence (especially at the edges). With the use of premium refinishing products and master technicians we are able to achieve the most accurate color matching!

Our Priority:

Airpark Collision Center is an Industry certified auto body shop with several OEM certifications. Our team is focused on proper and safe repairs. Our only business is collision repair. Unlike an auto dealer, we are not motivated to sell parts. If we can repair a bumper for less than buying a replacement we will give you the option. Please click for an online estimate or stop in for a quote. No appointment necessary!