Chevy Auto Body Shop in Scottsdale, AZ

Chevy Auto Body Shop in Scottsdale, AZ

Does Certification Matter?

You may have bought your Chevy car, SUV or truck from a dealer, but did you know not all dealers have a collision repair center that is actually certified by that brand? Airpark Collision Center is manufactured certified by Chevy and GM. Why does this matter? If you are interested in restoring your vehicle to pre-collision status it matters plenty.

Truthfully any collision repair technician can take a car apart, the hard part is putting it back together correctly. Panels should line up and wiring should be properly restored. Consider how many safety features and electronics are in newer model vehicles. Advanced technology means Chevy auto body repair technicians need advanced training.

Airpark Collision Center, your Chevy auto body repair shop is certified by the manufacturer. We passed a series of inspections, tests and presented credentials to prove that we can repair their brand of vehicles back to original condition.

Hooks and Chains or….Computerized Frame Machine

Prior to certification, an inspector made sure we had modern, up to date equipment and all of the welders, frame machines, etc that are needed to repair vehicles properly. Many auto body repair facilities cannot afford or choose not to purchase the right equipment, and instead take short cuts during repairs. For example, some auto body shops still use chains and anchors mounted to the floor to pull a frame into place. We have the best computerized frame machine on the market. Once we enter in the VIN we can pull the frame into place within millimeters. Since opening in 2006, Airpark Collision Center your Chevy auto body repair shop has continued to purchase the latest equipment, and upgrade consistently.

Factory Paint Job

Our paint booth is only 2 years old and is the same one used at the BMW manufacturing plants. The paint booth bakes on the paint finish and blows the air downward, allowing for a dust free finish. Over the years we have gained a reputation for repairing high end vehicles, because of our attention to detail. Our philosophy, has always been to treat each vehicle with the same level of care.

Premium Products are Key

Modern equipment is necessary on today’s vehicles, but it goes hand in hand with quality products. Upon manufacturer certification, we had to show a history and current use of reputable products. This is another way collision repair shops cut costs. We believe quality products make the difference. For example, 3M masking tape allows us to mask properly and have sharp lines. After masking off a vehicle with high grade tape, we spray PPG water based paint. PPG is used in almost every manufacturing plant. We use their water based product because it is environmentally safe and allows for very accurate color matching.

No Certified Training Required in Arizona?

The next phase of earning manufacturer certification is providing past and on going training records. Airpark Collision Center, your Chevy auto body repair facility has been I-Car Gold Class certified for years. There is different levels of I-Car certifications, but “Gold” is the best. Only 10% of collision repair shops nationwide have achieved this status. To qualify, our technicians must continue training each year. We can confidently say our technicians are practicing the latest repair methods and are up to date on vehicle technology. Believe it or not, no certification is required in Arizona. Anyone can open an auto body repair shop, and take in work. Scary…We choose to spend a great deal of time and money because we care about the quality of the repair.


Finally, the last part of earning Chevy auto body repair certification, was to prove we had a third party customer service survey in place. The Chevy brand wanted to make sure that we treat our customers right and have a long history of good customer service. What did they find? Besides numerous reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List and Google, our third party customer service company, Customer Lobby showed over 100 favorable reviews on the web. The reviews grow each month, and demonstrate a long period of quality work and honest business. We appreciate customer feedback, and being a family owned auto body repair shop, we cannot take business for granted like a corporate owned facility or auto dealership. We work hard to retain our customers and referrals.

When choosing an auto body repair shop, choose one that is right for you. Take into consideration, that “Bob’s Auto Body Shop” may have no certifications and will still cost you the same amount of money-especially if you are using insurance. Why take the risk? Auto dealers are known for selling cars, their collision repair center is just another profit center. At Airpark Collision Center, all we do is auto body repair and we do it right consistently.

Chevy Auto Body Shop in Scottsdale, AZ