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Ford is one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the United States. Over 100 years ago Ford invented the moving assembly line cutting vehicle production from 12 hours to 90 minutes. Today, they are still paving the way with the latest vehicle technology and materials.

Does Certification Matter?

Certification ensures that Airpark Collision Center has the right tools, equipment and training to repair your Ford to factory standards. Airpark Collision Center’s facility and equipment is inspected each year to maintain the Ford Certified Body Shop status. Our technicians complete Ford specialized repair classes and are sometimes quizzed during the inspection regarding proper repair methods.

Why is Ford Collision Repair Different than other Vehicle Brands?

Materials, like aluminum found on the Ford F150 truck make collision repair unique compared to other brands. Most technicians are used to working with steel, repairing aluminum requires special welding skills. See our blog: Can any Auto Body Shop Repair Aluminum?

Did you Know, Special Software and a Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner are Required to Repair your Ford?

Proper repair procedures and using the right equipment are definitely key to the collision repair but many other factors contribute to a quality job.

Pre and Post Diagnostic Scanning

You may have noticed warning signals on your dash. These warning signals might read “low oil” or “check engine.” Please understand they are only for driver notification. There is not a warning light for every single thing that could be affecting your vehicle’s safety and performance. This is why pre and post diagnostic scanning are so important! In order to repair newer Ford models correctly, a pre and post diagnostic scan is required. Hundreds of on board computers in your Ford control everything from power seats to airbags to accident avoidance systems.

While the collision repair industry is strongly encouraging diagnostic scanning it is not required. Be advised that not every auto body shop will pre and post diagnostic scan. In addition, each vehicle manufacturer recommends specific scanners to obtain accurate data. The pre-scan, details what components are no longer operating properly. The post-scan, is evidence that everything is functioning correctly after the collision repair. Earning Ford certification ensures our facility not only diagnostic scans but utilizes a Ford approved vehicle diagnostic scanner.

Estimating Software

An estimate is not only written to calculate a price for collision repair. Estimating software is used to research parts and the amount of labor involved in making the repair. Ford approved estimating software details every exterior/interior part and repair procedure. For example, diagrams provide information to help decipher which parts are needed and whether or not another part must be removed to install the new part. Long gone are the days where an estimator can get by using a clip board and a pen. Advanced vehicle construction and technology means an increased degree of repair difficulty and a decreased margin of error. Again, not every auto body repair facility has advanced software or one that is approved by Ford Motor Company.

Ford Certified Auto Body Services Available:

Why Choose ACC?

  • Ford Certified for Collision Repair
  • We Don’t Sell, or Service Vehicles. Our Focus is Strictly Auto Body Repair
  • OEM Ford Parts Available
  • Insurance Claims or Out of Pocket Repair

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