Frame Straightening and Unibody Repair

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If your vehicle was damaged in a major collision, rest assured Airpark Collision Center is staffed with skilled technicians and utilizes the latest equipment to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition.

We know frame damage is concerning for vehicle owners. Our top three priorities are:

  • Returning the car to its original driving condition
  • Ensuring vehicle is structurally safe
  • Aesthetics

Why Choose Airpark Collision Center, for Major Collision Damage or Frame/Unibody Work?

Body Shop Gold Class Repair

The average driver is involved in a collision once every ten years. It is important to realize not every auto body facility is the same. Taking the time to do a little research is well worth the effort. If the vehicle experienced severe impact there is more going on than cosmetic damage. Other factors, such as mechanical work and the structure of the vehicle need to be taken into account.

Consider this, if you are paying a deductible or if you are not at fault, your cost will be the same regardless of what auto body shop you choose. Why not select the best facility to repair your vehicle? Do not assume all collision repair shops are the same. Skilled technicians matter and facilities that invest in updated equipment ensure a proper repair. If you own/lease a newer vehicle equipped with advanced steel and technology these are valid concerns.

Frame Rack

Frame Machine Equipment of Airpark Collision Center
Airpark Collision Center’s new frame machine

New Equipment:

Our Chief Goliath Frame machine was purchased in early 2019. As leaders in the valley’s collision repair industry we realized that many customers are driving SUV’s and pick-up trucks. A traditional frame machine may be too small and not powerful enough to properly repair collision damage to today’s larger vehicles. Utilizing a larger more effective frame rack allows our technicians to work on everything from a small car to a large SUV.

A larger frame machine not only accommodates all sizes of vehicles, it also provides extra decking allowing the technician the workspace he needs to ensure proper repairs and that means returning the frame/unibody within factory specifications.

Serious Power:

Vehicles with advanced steel must be repaired on a powerful frame machine. Our Chief Goliath provides up to 10 tons of pulling power. Upon impact, structural frame damage can result. A powerful frame machine will allow the technician to square the center of the frame before moving on to repair damage at the vehicle’s end.

Advanced Technology:

The strength and technology of Airpark Collision Center’s frame machine allows for multiple simultaneous pulls using equalized pressure; preventing ripping, tearing and bending of the frame/unibody.

Computerized Measuring System:

Frame Straightening And Unibody Repair Computer

A powerful frame rack is not enough to get the job done correctly. Airpark Collision Center’s technicians use both the frame rack and a computerized measuring system. Computerized measuring systems are key to assessing the damage, monitoring the repair and confirming post repair that measurements are correct. This piece of equipment supplies our team with evidence of a proper repair. The advanced system combines the accuracy of laser scanning with a computerized data base for unmatched preciseness in auto body repair. Not only does Airpark Collision Center utilize both pieces of equipment we employ the technicians trained to use such sophisticated systems.

Related Repairs:

We proudly spray PPG’s waterborne paint. This premium line of paint provides accurate color matching and is environmentally friendly. Mechanical work related to collision damage will also be addressed during the collision repair.

Certified Collision Repair Facility:

In addition to earning several OEM collision repair certifications, Airpark Collision Center is I-Car Gold Class certified (the highest certification in the industry.) Only 10% of auto body shops nationwide have earned this status. Our master technicians attend classes every year to learn the latest repair methods. Please call or click here to contact us!

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