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In 1989, Japanese automaker Nissan set out to manufacture a premium vehicle. Nissan wanted to offer a broad price span to attract a wide range of buyers but had to protect the Nissan brand. The result was creating a separate luxury brand known as Infiniti.

Airpark Collision Center has been known for restoring high-end vehicles since 2006. While we repair all makes and models, the bulk of our collision repair work includes luxury brands. Valley customers know we take additional steps to quality control vehicles during the repair process. Our technicians realize that vehicle owners chose their Infiniti for its well-appointed interior, smooth exterior, and driving performance. The end goal is to restore the vehicle back to pre-collision status.

Airpark Collision Center is North Scottsdale’s best Infiniti auto body repair facility and has earned the highest certification in the industry known as I-Car Gold Class. Choosing a well-qualified Infiniti auto body shop guarantees customers that their Infiniti will be restored correctly using quality parts, materials, and the latest repair methods.

Infiniti Certified Collision Repair in Scottsdale, AZ

Why did you choose Infiniti? Is it because of style? Safety features? Or because of its driving performance? Whatever the reason, you definitely want your car or SUV to be restored to its original condition. Airpark Collision Center is in the business since 2006 and passed the strict certification process by several manufacturers and I-Car. Rest assured that we have the latest equipment, technology, and expertise to perform quality auto body repair.

Airpark Collision Center is simply your best choice for Infiniti collision repair.

While many auto body shops are insurance-driven and therefore operate as high production shops, Airpark Collision Center takes the time to do the repair correctly. Did you know that many auto body facilities do not want to work on premium or foreign brands because it may take too long and their less-skilled technicians struggle with the repair? Fact is, American cars can be put together quicker and easier than foreign luxury brands. Several times a year, we get a vehicle towed in from another auto body shop because it has been disassembled, and now the technician cannot put it back together! Read on to learn more about our philosophy and process:

Infiniti Certified Collision Repair in Scottsdale, AZ

  • We inspect replacement parts for fit, eliminating odd gaps, mismatched or slightly off alignments. If we get a damaged or warped part, we will take the time to send it back and reorder. Believe it or not, this is a common problem, as parts sit in boxes in warehouses during the valley’s hot summers.
  • The insurance policy determines if replacement parts are new, used, or aftermarket. If the used or aftermarket part is not good quality, the insurance company allows the auto body shop to reorder. If the part is still acceptable for two more tries (and we can prove it with photos), the insurance company will eventually approve a factory part. Again, this process, takes time, energy and patience on all sides. Not all auto body shops share our philosophy, but our customers feel it is worth it!
  • We use premium quality materials, factory paint, and coatings to match your vehicle. Every vehicle regardless of its brand is repaired with the best collision repair materials.
  • Our auto body repair shop uses equipment that copies factory welds, making the repair very unnoticeable. This is important when it is time for an end-of-lease inspection.
  • We bake every painted part in a pressurized factory paint booth. Our paint booth is a downdraft made in Italy. The down draft blowing method directs all dust downward so that every paint job is virtually dust-free. This particular paint booth is fully computerized and can be found at BMW’s manufacturing plant.
  • Only 10% of the collision centers passed the rigorous I-Car Gold Class certification process and Airpark Collision Center is one of them. Throughout the year, our technicians receive specialized training. They undergo this re-certification process to make sure that they are on top of the newest advances in automotive technology. Since vehicle technology is changing every year, choosing the best Infiniti auto body repair shop is important for passenger safety.

inifiti vehicle before and after collision repair

Airpark Collision Centers offers Infiniti Collision Repair for all models including:

  • Infiniti Q50
  • Infiniti Q60
  • Infiniti QX50
  • Infiniti QX55
  • Infiniti QX60
  • Infiniti QX80

When it is time to select an auto body shop, choose one that you trust. Most collision repair shops are insurance-driven and work quickly and inexpensively to maintain their insurance company referrals. While Airpark Collision Center works with all insurance companies, we are on very few referral programs because we do not want to put our name on substandard work. Over the last 16+  years, Airpark Collision Center has earned a reputation for quality repairs and competitive pricing. For those that are paying a deductible, you will be paying the same amount regardless of where your car is repaired. Why not choose the best? Please stop in and see us – no appointment needed for an estimate!