Insurance Claims

Once a customer files a claim and the insurance company accepts liability, we are ready to go! Airpark Collision Center, will work with the insurance company throughout the repair.

Linda will update you throughout the process, so you're aware of the repair progress without sacrificing your time.

What Happens First?

In the beginning, the insurance company may ask us to send photos and a repair estimate, or they may send one of their adjusters to our facility to write the estimate. After the original estimate is approved, we have permission to order parts.

Estimate Collision Damage

What is a Supplement?

When Airpark Collision Center writes an estimate we do so with safety and aesthetics in mind. You can rest assured, if the insurance company writes an estimate compromising passenger safety or the look of your vehicle, our staff will request a supplement to the original estimate. This does not mean Airpark Collision Center can force the insurance company to pay for OEM parts or unrelated damage. It does mean, we take the extra step to say, “this is not proper procedure” or “this damage was missed on the original estimate.” If we can prove there is an error or missing item on the original estimate the insurance company will most likely cooperate. Requesting supplemental approval, ordering additional parts, etc, slows us down, but our top concerns are quality and fairly representing the customer.

ACC - Repair Estimator at work

Our estimators work with the insurance company, communicating what parts require repair or replacement.

While the technician is disassembling the vehicle he may find damage underneath or maybe an electrical problem. This is another case where a supplement will be written. The additional labor time and parts request is sent to the insurance company for approval. Sometimes, they approve through an email and sometimes they send an adjuster to Airpark Collision Center to look at the vehicle. This could put your vehicle on hold for a few days. During, this time we are working on your behalf, and ask for your patience.


At the end of the repair, our office will follow up with the insurance company regarding vehicle repair payment. Sometimes, the insurance company will send payment directly to the customer, this check can be signed over to Airpark Collision Center. We make sure that all payments are confirmed before releasing the vehicle to the customer. If a customer owes an insurance deductible this amount will be paid directly to our office.

Insurance Paid Rental Cars:

Airpark Collision Center updates the insurance company and the rental car company each day throughout the repair. As long as the repair time is justified, and the customer is not at the rental budget maximum, the rental will continue to be paid by the insurance company. Rental cars may be returned to Airpark Collision Center as a courtesy to our customers.

Insurance Paid Rental Car

A significant difference between Airpark Collision Center and other collision repair facilities is customer service. We make every effort to handle insurance communication and work on your behalf. We update our customers throughout the process, so they are aware of the progress without sacrificing their own time. Please call our office with any additional questions!

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