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Customers choose Kia brand for a variety of reasons. Kia offers quality and technology for a competitive price in today’s auto market. Airpark Collision Center and KIA know that a quality vehicle is built not only for driving and style but with passenger safety in mind. Choosing the right collision repair facility will ensure that all aspects of damage are repaired to a high standard.

Does Certification Matter?

Achieving KIA collision repair certification year after year means that Airpark Collision Center has the right training, tools, and equipment to repair your KIA properly. Today’s vehicles are equipped with various materials and technology; long gone are the days where a technician is just “pounding out a dent.” Consider deployed airbags, damaged sensors, intricate wiring, etc. From the beginning to the end of the repair, various steps are taken to make certain the vehicle not only looks great but drives and protects the passengers as intended.

Kia Approved Collision Repair Center

Our Certified Collision Repair Steps Guarantee a Quality Job!

Check-In – One of our very first steps is to pre-diagnostic scan the vehicle. Remember that exterior damage may only be part of the damage. For example, pre-diagnostic scanning will assess the safety restraint system or SRS (airbags and seatbelts). The scan will also provide information regarding ABS/anti-lock braking system, engine components, and sensors.

Disassembly -An estimate is just that- an estimate of the damage. Once the vehicle is scanned, we begin a meticulous disassembly. The technician and the repair planner work together to view and evaluate the damage. The repair planner enters into his laptop what can be repaired and what must be replaced according to proper repair procedure.

Parts – Once we have the repair planner’s part list, parts are ordered. Airpark Collision Center prefers Genuine KIA parts. Often insurance companies may only cover aftermarket, if Genuine KIA parts are important to you too, be sure to tell your insurance claims adjuster.

Body Repair – At this point, we have an almost complete picture of repairs needed and parts required. Our master technicians begin repair, which may include pulling dents, adding filler, welding, or installing new parts. Mechanical work may also be completed during this stage.

Refinish – At this point the vehicle or individual parts will move to our paint department. Following proper repair procedures, certain parts must be painted off the vehicle to prevent peeling. A variety of steps are followed by our PPG certified technicians. Using high-quality paint products (approved by KIA) allow for excellent color matching. The color and clear coat are sprayed in a dust controlled paint booth and baked on for a professional vehicle finish.

Reassembly – As mentioned before, parts are often painted off of the vehicle and then returned to the body department for reassembly. Following proper repair procedure and applying approved products the body technician will reassemble the vehicle.

Clean Up  -The exterior and interior are cleaned—but we are not done yet!

Quality Control – We know customers are anxious to get their KIA back! However, at this point, we inspect the exterior once more, we post-diagnostic scan to ensure everything is working properly and then the vehicle is test-driven.

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Trusting your vehicle to Airpark Collision Center ensures a complete and comprehensive collision repair. Since 2006, our shop has followed proper repair procedures, invested in the latest equipment, and ongoing annual training. As a KIA certified collision repair facility, we are subject to an annual audit to ensure KIA and our customers that we are implementing quality collision repair practices. Please call, stop in or click here for a quick estimate!