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Lexus Collision Repair by Airpark Collision Center
Lexus Collision Repair by Airpark Collision Center


Since 1989, Lexus has been known for uncompromising quality and excellent customer service. These are the same reasons why Lexus owners bring their vehicle to Airpark Collision Center. As a reputable Lexus Scottsdale auto body shop, Airpark Collision Center prides itself on high-quality body repairs and outstanding customer service.

Airpark Collision Center offers Lexus collision repair for all models including:

  • Lexus IS
  • Lexus ES
  • Lexus LS
  • Lexus UX
  • Lexus NX
  • Lexus RX
  • Lexus GX
  • Lexus LX
  • Lexus RC
  • Lexus LC

Why Choose Airpark Collision Center for your Lexus Collision Repair?

Lexus Collision Repair at Airpark Collision Center in Scottsdale

Insurance Claims:
While we work with all insurance companies, our commitment is to quality repair and restoring your Lexus to pre-accident condition. Many insurance companies will hard steer claimants and policyholders to one of their “preferred” collision centers. Most consumers prioritize a safe repair over a cost-effective repair. When you bring your vehicle to Airpark Collision Center we will:

  • Review the insurance adjuster’s estimate for anything they may have missed.
  • Re-evaluate the adjuster’s estimate. Did he/she write to repair, when really a part should be replaced?
  • Does the insurance estimate include items such as diagnostic scanning and proper repair procedures mandated by Lexus?
  • Is the insurance company paying for only aftermarket parts? Airpark Collision Center always prefers genuine Lexus parts, however, some insurance companies will only pay for aftermarket. Our technicians will take the extra time to check the part for fit. If gaps appear, our estimators will contact the adjuster and send photos to prove why an OEM part is needed.

State of the Art Facility:
Having the right tools and equipment is not just something to brag about, it is paramount to your Lexus vehicle’s collision repair. A proper repair on today’s vehicle require today’s equipment. Only Scottsdale auto body shops that continue to invest in sophisticated equipment can achieve the Lexus quality collision repair standard. Some of our critical equipment includes:

Matrix Wand: This piece of computerized equipment is used for 3D blueprinting and measuring before and after repairs. This advanced technology makes measurements from photographs. Our technicians can measure before the repair and then after the repair to confirm components are within vehicle specification.

Measuring System: Our computerized measurement system is used in combination with our frame machine purchased in 2018. The computerized system allows our technicians to restore the unibody/frame within Lexus factory specifications.

Frame Machine: Our large frame machine accommodates everything from the Lexus RC to the Lexus LX and delivers more power; resulting in accurate measurements.

Down Draft Paint Booth: Our paint booth is straight from Italy and one of the very best. Air is directed downward during spraying, resulting in a clean refinish job. After spraying, the finish is baked on, just like the factory.

Ongoing Training:
Possessing the right equipment is only half the battle for the best Scottsdale auto body shop. Our collision repair technicians are trained annually and stand ready to repair all Lexus models. Consider the amount of technology, safety equipment, and modern materials on your Lexus. Upon impact onboard computers and sensors are shaken, everything must be in working order before leaving the auto body repair facility. Airpark Collision Center knows advanced vehicles require advanced training.

Collision Related Mechanical Repair:
Airpark Collision Center can also help with all accident-related mechanical work. Some repairs may include suspensions, wheel alignments, as well as radiator and air conditioning repairs. In addition, replacement wheels and tires can be addressed if necessary.

Since opening in 2006 we have offered a lifetime labor warranty for as long as you own the vehicle. Parts and paint materials are subject to vendor warranty.

Customer Service:
Our reviews and customer feedback on multiple platforms is evidence of our collision repair quality and customer service. As a locally owned business, we have always prioritized honesty and professionalism.

Airpark Collision Center knows our customers love their vehicles and that’s why we refuse to cut corners. We use premium materials and prefer Lexus OEM parts. If you stop in or click here for an estimate you will find our prices are competitive, but our level of customer service and attention to detail are above the standard. We are conveniently located in the Scottsdale Airpark serving all Phoenix, Arizona!

Lexus Major Collision Repair Before and After
Lexus Major Collision Repair by Airpark Collision Center


Love your Lexus? More Lexus Info:
Check Lexus Safety Crash Ratings: The NHTSA conducts comprehensive vehicle crash tests for all makes and models. View rollover ratings, and impact ratings from front and side crashes. Find out how your car ranks.

Did you know that Lexus is taking steps to protect the environment? For example, the plastic components in the interiors and exteriors of Lexus vehicles are recyclable and consist of a lightweight material. Lexus has also reduced the use of lead and mercury, by replacing these substances with environmentally safe materials. For more information on Lexus’ and the environment please view their official website.

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