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Lexus Collision Repair by Airpark Collision Center
Lexus Collision Repair by Airpark Collision Center


Since 1989, Lexus has been known for uncompromising quality and excellent customer service. These are the same reasons why Lexus owners bring their vehicle to Airpark Collision Center. As one of the reputable Lexus Body Shops in Scottsdale, Airpark Collision Center prides itself on high quality body repairs and outstanding customer service.

We know our customers love their vehicles and that’s why we refuse to cut corners. We use only premium materials and Lexus parts. If you stop in for an estimate you will find our prices are competitive, but our level of customer service and attention to detail are above the standard.

Lexus Major Collision Repair Before and After
Lexus Major Collision Repair by Airpark Collision Center

Airpark Collision Center also performs all accident related mechanical work. Some repairs may include suspensions, wheel alignments, as well as radiator and air conditioning repairs. In addition our technicians can replace wheels and tires if necessary. Given that Airpark Collision Center uses Lexus parts and employs certified technicians you can rest assured that your vehicle will be serviced properly. We repair Lexus and all makes and models and we are conveniently located in the Scottsdale serving all Phoenix, Arizona!

Check Lexus Safety Crash Ratings: The NHTSA conducts comprehensive vehicle crash tests for all makes and models. View rollover ratings, and impact ratings from front and side crashes. Find out how your car ranks.

Did you know that Lexus is taking steps to protect the environment? For example, the plastic components in the interiors and exteriors of Lexus vehicles are recyclable and consist of a lightweight material. Lexus has also reduced the use of lead and mercury, by replacing these substances with environmentally safe materials. For more information on Lexus’ and the environment please view their official website.