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Major Collision Damage Repair Services

Frame and Unibody Repair Facility
Frame Straightening and Unibody Repair

While incredibly durable, a vehicle's frame and unibody can quickly become damaged when involved In a major collision. Repairing its underlying structure requires machinery that pulls with a force of up to 20,000 lbs. Along with the devices for pulling, we utilize a measuring system to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Mechanical Repair Facility
Mechanical Work Related to Collision

Our expert technicians have a combined experience of 160 years in repairing mechanical work related to collision damage. Most common procedures involve suspension, radiators, condensers and/or air bags. For anything outside of this realm, we use trusted mechanical repair facilities in the Scottsdale Airpark.

Professional Downdraft Paint Refinishing Booth
Professional Paint Refinishing

No matter what make or model your vehicle is, count on our professional refinish technicians to prepare your car correctly for new paint. Techniques such as computerized color matching, blending and spraying in a downdraft paint booth with a baked on finish will produce superior results.


With numerous prestigious awards and over sixteen decades of combined experience in major collision damage repair, Airpark Collision Center has grown to become a trusted authority in the auto body repair industry. As the leading auto body shop and major collision repair center in north Scottsdale, Arizona, our facility boasts multiple certifications, I-CAR-certified technicians, customer-centric staff, and state-of-the-art tools and equipment that diagnoses and restores damaged vehicles back to their pre-collision state.

Arizona Auto Body Shop Certifications and Awards

Why choose Airpark Collision Center for Auto Body Repair in North Scottsdale?


Airpark Collision Center Reception Area in AZ

As a locally-owned major collision repair shop, each customer is treated with personable service. We pride ourselves in offering the most honest customer service and quality auto body repair in North Scottsdale, AZ.


Certified Major Collision Repair Center

Did you know there is no certification required for body shops in AZ? ACC has been I-Car Gold Class industry certified by choice since 2006. Ensuring our customers proper repair procedures.


Angie's List Super Service Auto Body Shop

ACC has maintained exceptional service ratings and reviews on Angie's List in 2014, 2015, and 2017. As three-time SSA winners, we are in good standing with Angie's List, consistently passing background and certification checks.


Auto Body Shop Yelp Reviews Excellent!!

Exceptional work and service. This is a gem of a repair shop. I was impressed as to how well this shop worked, scheduled, ran and executed the work. This is an excellent shop with wonderful, courteous service. Thank you!

Charlotte F.
Scottsdale, AZ

Collision Center Customer Lobby Reviews Removed dings, car looks as good as new !

Checked out Airpark Collision Center for the first time because there were a couple of door dings on my vehicle that were bothering me a bit . Took my car in and they handled the rest ! I was very satisfied with the work they did.. Everything went smoothly and the car door looks great. No insurance was used so it was all out of pocket, the prices were very reasonable for the work being done and although I don't look forward to working with them again , I will be happy to return if anything happens to my car !

Airpark Collision Center Google Reviews Great Service, Compettive Prices

Staff is efficient and stay in communication with time frames and progress of service. Prices are very competitive, they have underbid everyone else I've gone too. And the quality is great! I'm a repeat customer and have referred many.

Rebecca W.
Scottsdale, AZ

About Airpark Collision Center

Airpark Collision Center is a local, family-owned auto body repair shop in north Scottsdale, AZ. Established in 2006, we are a team of customer oriented staff. From the friendly front office to our master technicians in back we enjoy working with each other and our customers!

ACC is I-Car Gold Certified and a three-time recipient of Angie's List Super Service Award. We accomplish high-quality collision repairs for all vehicular models of Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, GM, and Chevrolet, among several other global automobile brands. We also specialize in repairing luxury automobiles like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Infiniti, Cadillac, Jaguar, and Land Rover.

Every year, we restore over a thousand vehicles back to their pre-collision state. You can count on us to repair your vehicle using state-of-the-art tools, equipment, and technology. Airpark Collision Center proudly serves Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, and the surrounding areas.

We Work with All Insurance Companies


As the fifth most populated city in Arizona, Scottsdale is home to thousands of drivers and vehicles. In the event of an auto accident, it is time to call on collision damage insurance. Once a customer reports a claim, and the insurance company accepts liability, ACC can immediately start working on collision damage repairs.

Airpark Collision Center AZ Office
Airpark Collision Center Repair Facility
Airpark Collision Center Downdraft PPG Booth


Stop Sign


Shift into park, get out, and take a quick photo of the collision angle. Then, move your vehicle out of traffic to a safe place, leaving your hazard lights on.
Call the Police


The presence of a police officer is significant and valuable to the claim process and help establish who is at fault.
File a Claim


If your vehicle is insured, you can start the claim process immediately at the scene and add the necessary details once things are calmer.
Gather Information


Collect information from everyone involved in the accident, including the drivers' identities, vehicle descriptions, and license plate numbers.
Get Roadside Assistance


If your vehicle cannot be driven after an accident, seek roadside assistance. Call Airpark Collision Center at 602-993-4874 for Quik Pik Towing service.
Seek for Medical Attention


Check for injuries; including bruises, wounds, and possible broken bones. Call an ambulance when in doubt.


1) Collision Damage and Rain Rain in Phoenix, AZ causes more car accidents than you would think! Even a light rain can cause oils in the road to lift and make for slippery pavement. In fact there were more than 20 crashes in the East Valley during one rainy morning on September 9, 2013 as reported by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

2) Extreme heat can cause tire blowouts Since Scottsdale and the rest of Arizona suffer from scorching heat in the summer, tires can burst open and cause major car collisions. Increased friction, high-speed driving, and frequent breaks during very high temperatures can cause the tire to overheat beyond their design ratings. Once this happens, a blowout can occur.

3) Only cold weather causes dead car batteries Winter can be hard on a car battery, but summer can be twice as bad. During cold weather, the engine can be especially difficult to start, causing wear and tear on your battery. However, more car batteries die in the summer. This is especially true in Scottsdale, AZ since the heat causes the water in the battery to boil dry.

4) The engine should be warmed up before driving Cars now have electronic fuel injectors that provide the ideal mixture of air and fuel, which make modern automobiles more efficient than their 20th-century counterparts. Thirty seconds is plenty of time for the oil to lubricate the engine before you drive away. Staying idle for more extended periods only wastes fuel.

5) Tailgating is okay if the car in front is too slow Tailgating can cause a driver in front of you to slow down or make mistakes in response to your car being uncomfortably close to theirs. Some drivers may try to teach you a lesson by hitting the brakes, which can result in a collision. If a driver is under the speed limit, you can figure out a way to safely pass them.


Bumper Repair Service
Rear-end collision damage is common Bumper repair is the most common auto body repair service in Scottsdale, AZ. The damage often happens in flowing traffic, merely due to another driver's distractions.
Collision Repair Facility
A wrecked car can be as good as new When repairs are done correctly, a vehicle can regain the same function, structural integrity, and appearance of a vehicle that has not been involved in a major collision.
Total Loss Vehicle
Totals are usually related to vehicle value A car is a "total loss" to an insurance company if the repair costs exceed the value of the vehicle.
Avoid Collision Damage
Car grilles often avoid collision damage Drivers tend to swerve in anticipation of impact, which serves as an act of protective reflex. Thus, the grille is often saved in the process of trying to avoid an accident.
Insurance Cover Damage Costs
An insurance company covers all repair costs An insurance company will only pay for auto body repairs related to a specific claim. They will not pay for unrelated damage caused from a separate accident or incident.
Lifetime Warranty Auto Body Shop
You can choose your auto body shop Your Scottsdale car insurance provider may suggest collision repair at a certain facility, but the ultimate decision is yours. ACC offers a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Travel time and distance of surrounding cities in AZ to ACC

Kierland Commons/Scottsdale Quarter Time 3 mins, 0.5 miles
Route 51 and Greenway Rd. Time 11 mins, Distance 5 miles
Fashion Square (Old Town Scottsdale) Time 18 mins, Distance 8.9 miles
Carefree/Cave Creek (Carefree Highway and Scottsdale Rd) Time 10 mins, Distance 12.5 miles
Fountain Hills (World's Largest Fountain) Time 27 mins, Distance 15.4 miles


We provide a lifetime warranty on our workmanship listed on the original repair order for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. The manufacturer, on the other hand, warranties parts and paint material.
We will be happy to reschedule your appointment, simply call or text us at 480-378-6930.
We work with all insurance companies.
We do not save deductibles. However there may be a promo on our coupon and special offers link under "About Us".
Unfortunately, some auto body shops will write a low estimate to get the job in the shop. Once the vehicle is taken apart they call to say, "it will also need...." This is very risky if you are paying out of pocket. At ACC we try to write an accurate estimate and warn the customer if we suspect more damage underneath.
Airpark Collision Center does not have a shuttle or a driver. We will be happy to have our lot attendant drive you home or to work (in your car) if it is within 10 minutes of our facility.


Give us a call today at 480-418-8660 and we will be more than happy to address any concerns you may have. If you would like a body shop repair estimate, you can also fill out the form below completely, and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

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