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At ACC, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be returned to pre-accident condition. We specialize in repairing any type of collision damage cars suffer from as a result of an accident. Our technicians are not only concerned with aesthetics, but returning the car to its original driving condition and safety standards. Restoring a vehicle that has major accident damage requires skilled certified technicians and the latest state of the art computerized equipment. Each year we continue to add on additional equipment and send our valued technicians for annual training so that we can provide the type of outstanding collision repair Scottsdale vehicle owners always expect from us.

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When a vehicle’s integrity or structural support is compromised it is considered major collision damage.  For example, if a door panel is damaged it is a minor repair, if the door panel is so damaged that it affects the interior intrusion beam then it becomes a major collision repair.   In this scenario, if just the door panel is damaged, then it can most likely be replaced.  If it is damaged enough, along with the intrusion beam then most likely the door will have to be replaced.  Damage to a hood is usually classified as major, as a hood is designed to crinkle up to absorb impact so that the momentum doesn’t transfer to the passengers.

Certain occurrences, not only mean a vehicle needs major collision repair but may qualify a car as un-driveable.

Generally, if a vehicle is leaking coolant, has deployed airbags or damaged suspension it should not be driven.  In addition, if a vehicle has missing lights, broken windows, doors or trunks that don’t close or have dangling pieces from the vehicle it is best to have it towed to an auto body repair facility.

Correcting a vehicle’s frame damage is very possible.  Airpark Collision Center uses advanced machines used to pull the frame back to its factory specifications.  This not only ensures that the vehicle will drive and ride the same but drivers can be confident that the car is safe again.

When a vehicle rolls over it will sustain more body damage that a car involved in a rear end or front end collision. Most likely, a car that has suffered a rollover will need frame repair. It is important to consider that mechanical problems may also exist.

Major collision damage could mean that your vehicle is a total loss.

Whether your vehicle is deemed a total loss is the decision of the insurance company not the auto body repair facility. The amount of damage has very little to do with whether or not an insurance company classifies it as a total loss. The decision is based on the amount to repair the vehicle versus the value of the vehicle.

Over the years, Airpark Collision Center has assisted thousands of customers through the auto body repair process. We are known to provide the type of auto collision repair Scottsdale residents can count on after getting involved in a vehicular accident. Please contact us regarding any minor or major auto body repair need.

Laser Technology Collision Repair
Laser measuring the upper body to ensure the unibody (frame) is within factory specs