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Airpark Collision Center is a full service body shop in Scottsdale, and that means we can help you with even the smallest of car repairs.  We specialize in providing the paintless dent repair car owners need after getting involved in an accident.  Some customers see us before their end of lease inspection, some for small dings and scratches. Many times in cases such as these, customers are paying out of pocket rather than making an insurance claim. We will be happy to give you options, so you can choose how to proceed. We can help you with:

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Most people think of minor auto body repair as small scratches, dents, or bumper damage.  This is true as most minor damage is caused in a parking lot or at a low speed.

If you have a small dent, door ding or minor crease this problem can be easily remedied through PDR or paintless dent repair.  Paintless car dent repair involves the use of body picks and metal rods.  By reaching from the underside of the panel the dents can often be pushed out.  Sometimes, glue and special tabs may be used on the outside of the panel to pull the dent out.

This is obviously a less costly method than traditional auto body repair, and does not involve paint labor time or refinish materials.  Fortunately, the paintless dent repair techniques can be used on both steel and aluminum panels.

Scratches also fall under the category of minor auto body repair and are a real eye sore! The cost depends on the location of the scratch and the depth of the scratch.  Sometimes scratches are minor enough to be buffed out, but deep ones will involve sanding, priming and painting.  It is easier on the pocket book when scratches are confined to a door or one panel.  Before you are tempted to use your touch up paint (sometimes this makes it look worse) it is best to obtain a professional opinion.

Damaged bumpers are a common problem and the cost can be expensive if the bumper has to be replaced. Fortunately, we are one of the few collision repair facilities in the valley to own a plastic welder.  A plastic welder and a trained technician can repair a torn bumper or a bumper tab that has torn off. Of course it depends on the amount of labor repair hours versus the cost of a new bumper.  Highline vehicle owners love this option because bumpers on Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, etc  are very expensive. This piece of equipment allows us to repair instead of replace most bumpers. Not only is this a cost saver, but a green option. At Airpark Collision Center of Scottsdale we can help you with any major or minor auto body repair.

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Proper Car Door Disassembly Part 1

Proper Car Door Disassembly Part 2

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