Celebrating 10 years and Repairing Strong!

Celebrating 10 years and Repairing Strong!

Airpark Collision Center is celebrating our 10th year in business! Since 2006 we’ve managed to expand our space, purchase the latest equipment and earn several prestigious certifications in our industry! We know most people do not need our services on a regular basis, so we’d like to share some features of our collision repair center that make us unique.

When our customers walk in, they are generally surprised by our waiting room. We hear comments like, “It’s really clean in here” and “you have a nicer restroom than my doctor’s office!” We are glad to surprise our customers, our goal is to make the auto body repair process as painless as possible. If you read our reviews you will see how many people mention our friendly staff. Our waiting room is stocked with Keurig coffee, cocoa, tea and water. If you look around the room you will notice various certifications, photos from our customers showing off their car and our work at the Barrett Jackson Auction. Airpark Collision Center has earned the highest certification in the industry and several manufacturer certifications. Earning these certifications means we have the latest equipment and training to repair any vehicle-especially luxury vehicles.

Behind the front desk, is the customer service representative that will be calling or emailing you throughout the repair process. We like to keep our customers informed, so they are aware of repair and insurance status. We realize more auto body shops, (especially corporate owned) have an automated service or may send generic texts to update customers. We like talking to our customers and feel that we can provide better service and be available to answer questions through old-fashioned human contact.

Behind our waiting room is our estimators office. You will notice the large dual screen monitors that are used with our 3D graphic estimating system. This allows us to write accurate estimates and see how parts fit together properly. Each estimate is priced using this estimating system. After your estimate is written, we will go over the repair with you and hand you an itemized print out. This allows a customer to compare our estimate to another auto body shop’s estimate. Do not just look at the price, go line by line to see if one collision repair center left something off. You do not want to be surprised once your car is already in the auto body shop and taken apart-especially if your paying out of pocket!

Right outside our waiting room is our parts department. This department inspects each part, to make sure it is the right one and good quality. If there is a parts problem we want to know immediately, so we can minimize the delay. Another comment we get from customers, insurance adjusters, etc is, “your auto body shop is so neat.” Each vehicle that comes in to our collision repair shop has a dedicated parts cart. This means, any part that comes off the car or arrives for the car is placed on this rack. This allows our technicians to work organized and efficiently.

Each year our technicians receive hands on and classroom training on the latest repair methods. Vehicle safety measures and technology are constantly changing, and we are always prepared! Part of our collision center is dedicated to express repair and minimal body damage. This means if a customer needs something minor, they won’t have to wait days or weeks in line with other cars in need of more serious auto body repair.

Whether your vehicle is in need of minor or major collision repair, our facility is ccommitted to returning each car back to factory specifications. Besides proper training, a good collision repair facility needs the latest equipment and quality materials. Our computerized measuring system and frame machine allows us to straighten unibody/frame within millimeters of factory specifications. In our paint department you will find a new paint booth. This computerized paint booth is a down draft, meaning the air is blowing downward, so that not even a spec of dust will get in the wet paint. Afterwards it bakes on the paint finish. This particular booth can be found at BMW’s factory. If your looking for a really good paint job, high end paint is a give in. At Airpark Collision Center we only spray PPG water based paint. The PPG brand is used at almost every manufacturing plant in the United States and overseas. The water based paint is environmentally friendly and allows for the most accurate in color matching.

Once a vehicle leaves the paint department it returns to the auto body department for reassembly. (Yes we paint parts off the vehicle to get in every nook and cranny.) After reassembly, the car, truck or SUV will move to the detail bay where the interior and exterior is cleaned all by hand. This is not a full detail-but we do a pretty nice job!

When the car is ready, the vehicle undergoes the quality control process. Afterwards, the customer service representative will notify the customer that their vehicle is ready for pick up. For added convenience the customer can leave their Enterprise or Hertz rental car at our office.

In the last 10 years Airpark Collision Center has earned a reputation for quality repair and excellent customer service. We work with all insurance companies and do a great deal of work for our self paying customers. We invite you to stop in for a free estimate, no appointment needed!

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.

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