Plans for Scottsdale’s Museum of the West

Your friendly neighborhood body shop shares in our surrounding community’s excitement about the planning of Scottsdale’s Museum of the West.

This beautiful facility’s initial plans debuted this past June during special public meetings at the Scottsdale Artist’s School. Located at Marshal Way and First Street’s northwest corner in Scottsdale’s historic Downtown, this museum is the fruit of a partnership between

Downtown Scottsdale’s ornate arts district galleries, distinctive dining establishments, beautiful shops, and burgeoning studios – a celebration of Scottsdale’s prized Old Town and Gallery Districts owned by the City of Scottsdale and operated by the “Museum of the West” non-profit group.

Upon completion, the Museum of the West will offer patrons a cultural tour of artifacts and exhibits where the “Old West” joins hand-in-hand with the “New West”. This museum’s blossoming relationship with the Scottsdale Artist School will lend further support to an arts district already regarded highly worldwide while pumping new energy and vitality into downtown Scottsdale as a tourism and public transit venue.

Upon its completion in late 2013, Scottsdale’s Museum of the West will give rise to all-new enrichment and education opportunities under the guidance of its Board of Directors and the City of Scottsdale itself.

We hope you’re half as excited to see this project in its fully completed state as we are. By all means, though, don’t just share your thoughts with us. You can leave the City of Scottsdale’s leaders and the Museum of the West’s planners themselves your feedback through Speak Up Scottsdale.

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