Scottsdale’s General Plan 2014


Concerned Scottsdale citizens seeking direct input in our city’s future, your time to influence Scottsdale’s General Plan 2014 drafting process has arrived. Please, join your friends and neighbors from your favorite collision repair center in making your viewpoints known.

In fact, your say concerning what the Scottsdale community needs to grow prosperously over the next 10 years is arguably the most vital, anticipated element in the planning process. As the feedback stage nears its end, citizens still have opportunities to speak up and be heard by our area leaders.

On the heels of September’s Transportation Workshop/Café Conversation events and the well-attended Community Character Virtual Workshop, Scottsdale citizens can still join the Quality and Conversation – Speak Up Scottsdale! Forum throughout the month of October. We hope you’ll just us in making your priority concerns for our city’s continued growth heard loud and clear.

From scorpions and snakes to saguaros and scenery, Scottsdale denizens live amid a diverse, fascinating pool of natural resources. At the same time, our community isn’t getting any smaller. How does a well-developed part of a major metropolitan area live in harmony with the natural beauty around it while continuing to evolve and prosper?

Along the same lines and just as importantly, what is Scottsdale’s role in Phoenix’s ongoing promotion of renewable energy resources?

Even once you’ve left your forum feedback, We encourage you to review and study the Scottsdale General Plan 2014. You can leave your ongoing General Plan Task Force Elements Feedback as this officially endorsed game-plan for growth is implemented. Your perspectives on the General Plan’s community impact and success in promoting growth will direct future leaders in deciding whether to eventually renew the plan or draft a new one.

Scottsdale is our city in our hands. Let’s all make this opportunity for an impact count!

Tina Small has been part of the Airpark Collision Center team since 2006. Working directly with customers, her goal is to share frequent customer questions, and proper methods of collision repair.

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