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Professional Refinishing at Airpark Collision Center

Certainly part of the auto body repair process involves auto painting, but most customers are unfamiliar with the process and assume it’s a fairly quick operation. However, many factors are involved in a quality paint job, and that involves following a set of multi-step industry standard procedures and utilizing premium materials.

The Difference

It is important to point out, Airpark Collision Center is focused on refinishing vehicles the right way. Once in a while, a customer will ask, “another body shop quoted me x, why is your estimate more?”

Since 2006, Airpark Collision Center has offered a lifetime labor warranty for as long as you own the vehicle, so we won’t spot in and we won’t skip steps and we won’t use substandard materials. As you know, labor and materials come at a cost. Remember, it’s not “cheap” if you have to pay another auto body shop to correct a substandard collision repair. Of course, value of the vehicle has to be considered, and in that case, it is important to match the collision repair center to the amount you are willing to spend and have reasonable expectations.

Airpark Collision Center’s Refinish Objective is to restore a vehicle’s appearance to pre-accident condition.


  • Proper adhesion to exterior panels
  • Matching color and blending to adjacent panels
  • Applying metallics and pearls
  • Clearcoat protection
  • Baking on a professional finish in a dust-free environment
We do blackout packages!

The Major Steps of our Standard Refinishing Procedure

  • Masking off the vehicle with quality materials. Utilizing high-grade tape and masking paper protects the rest of the vehicle and reduces overspray.
  • Sanding a vehicle involves the use of various collision repair tools. Technicians implement appropriate industry techniques and are trained to use multiple grits of sandpaper to achieve professional results.
  • Color mixing and tinting begin with the paint code from the vehicle manufacturer. Our advanced color mixing system allows Airpark Collision Center’s refinish technicians to duplicate the OEM (manufacturer) paint formula. Using a digital scale and measuring in grams a variety of toners are used to match the paint for each vehicle. Additional techniques to address characteristics of color, light, metallics, and pearls are also part of the refinishing process.
  • Clearcoat is sprayed after color and then baked for about 20 minutes. This step consistently results in a superb gloss retention. In addition to the beautiful shine, this layer protects the vehicle’s paint from UV light and fading. When painting flexible parts, like bumpers, Airpark Collision Center goes the extra mile and mixes in flex additive. This product creates elasticity in the clearcoat, reducing the chances of paint cracking – if, for example, a shopping cart hits the vehicle’s bumper.
Once the previous steps are completed the vehicle will return to the collision repair technician for reassembly. Even though the paint and clearcoat are baked on, the paint is still soft and technicians must wait at least 90 to 120 minutes before handling the parts or vehicle.

After reassembly, some vehicles will return to the refinish department for buffing and polishing.

When choosing a paint brand, there was only one choice for us – PPG.

Why PPG Brand?

  • PPG brand has involvement in almost every domestic and foreign auto manufacturing plant.
  • Allows for precise color matching.
  • Higher grade metallic orientation.
  • Environmentally friendly. PPG’s premium line- Aqua Base water-based paint is a top-notch product!

 enviro friendly

Environmentally Safe Waterborne Paint from PPG!

  • Allows compliance with current and proposed future legislation
  • Improves work environment with very minimal odor
  • Reduces waste handling

Paint Warranty: 

  • Airpark Collision Center has a lifetime warranty on our labor for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.
  • Paint product warrantied by PPG

Original body and paint work completed prior to our repair by another auto body shop is not warrantied by Airpark Collision Center.

Paint Booths:

  • At Airpark Collision Center, our state-of-the-art down draft spray booth bakes on a factory finish.
  • All jobs are sprayed in a paint booth regardless if it is a side mirror or a very large auto body repair.
  • Produces a clean automotive paint finish free of dust.

Airpark Collision Center Paint Booth

Airpark Collision Center opened in 2006, with a comprehensive approach to collision repair. We believe annual technician training, premium products and the right tools and equipment are all key to quality auto body repair and refinishing. We invite you to stop in or click here for an estimate or to speak to a professional repair planner.

Watch our Paint Refinish Service

Paint Refinish Team at Airpark
Daylight paint booth bulbs are changed regularly to ensure a great refinish job!
In addition to using manufacturer paint codes, our refinish technician goes the extra mile by comparing spray out cards to obtain the very best color match!
ACC - Freshly Painted Panels Ready For Buff
Freshly painted panels ready for buff
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