Paintless Dent Repair

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Do you have a small dent, door ding or minor crease?

Paintless Dent Repair may be right for your car! Airpark Collision Center’s experienced technicians apply this specialized technique to both aluminum and steel panel vehicles. If your car or truck’s damage is a candidate for PDR, you can avoid paying for traditional auto body and paint work, saving you time and money!

What is PDR? Paintless dent repair involves the use of body picks and metal rods. By reaching from the underside of the panel the dents can often be pushed out. Sometimes, glue and special tabs may be used on the outside of the panel to pull the dent.

Why would I choose PDR? Customers choose paintless dent repair because it is less expensive, very quick and yields excellent results. In addition, PDR customers can avoid renting a car and filing an insurance claim.

Is every dent a candidate for Paintless Dent Repair? Unfortunately, not every dent can be removed by PDR. Our technician will advise you before he begins the repair.

What is the benefit to having an Auto Body Shop perform PDR? Bringing your car to Airpark Collision Center increases your vehicle’s chances of successful dent removal. Our collision repair technicians are ready to work with the PDR tech to remove exterior panels, allowing access from the inside for dent removal. Using this method, various types of dents may be repaired and the results are significantly better.

Can any technician perform Painless Dent Repair?
PDR is a specialty in the collision repair industry. Paintless dent technicians have unique tools and training. Most traditional auto body repair technicians do not attempt PDR because they understand an entirely different skill set is required. Most reputable paintless dent repair technicians work only with dealers or auto body repair facilities.

Tip: PDR is only successful if you hire a skilled technician. If you are approached by someone in a parking lot, beware they often make matters worse.

The Process
Some dents and dimples may require more advanced procedures, but usually, the process is relatively quick:

  1. Evaluate the damage
  2. Gain entry to the damage
  3. Apply gradual pressure to work out the dent

With Paintless Dent Repair, there are no paints and fillers involved. PDR is an environmentally-friendly repair method that restores your vehicle’s exterior to its factory-like condition. Aside from removing dents, it can also erase traces of body creases and hail damage.

Common Falsehoods about Paintless Dent Repair:

Falsehood #1: You can fix it yourself
PDR requires the right tools and practiced skill. Do not assume regular tools in you tool box will solve the problem, or even one of those kits you saw on tv or in the automotive store. The kit may be expensive and not deliver the results you have in mind. Be aware of the risks, such as further distortion and scratching both sides of the body panel. Airpark Collision Center employs excellent technicians who are ready to repair everything from a small dent to major collision damage.

Falsehood #2: PDR is the solution to all automotive body distortions
Minor dents may be repaired through PDR, but not all vehicle damage. A vehicle with any of the following would not qualify for the paintless dent repair method.

  • Damage caused by significant impact. Vehicles suffering from moderate to major collision damage will require traditional auto body repair methods.
  • Dents that are unreachable to the technician.
  • The paint on the deformed area must still be intact. Pushing the metal back to its original state will not repaint the damaged panel.

Falsehood #3: PDR takes too long compared to conventional auto body repairs. Paintless dent repair involves less steps, including refinishing. Depending on the amount of dents, customers usually have their vehicle completed in the same day.

Falsehood #4: All collision repair companies specialize in PDR.
Not all auto body facilities are created equal; and each have their own niche in the collision repair market. Before taking your vehicle to an auto body repair center, make sure to double check local reviews. Airpark Collision Center realizes your vehicle is a big asset and only staffs people who handle customer’s cars with the utmost care.

Falsehood #5: PDR is costly.
PDR is very reasonable compared to traditional auto body repair. As mentioned earlier, the procedure requires less steps. Keep in mind paintless dent repair primarily focuses on small dings and dents, providing the paint is not damaged, you do not have to worry about an expensive repair.

Paintless Dent Repair by Airpark Collision Center

Paintless dent repair is an affordable and quick option for removing small dents and door dings. Please stop in for an estimate or click here!

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