Pre and Post Diagnostic Scanning

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So, you’ve been in an accident and obviously, there is exterior damage; but what about all the technology in your car? Have the onboard computers been shaken upon impact? Are all the safety components and wiring working as it should? Most people wouldn’t know until they go to use one of those features and it doesn’t perform. What if it’s an important component like a seatbelt or an airbag?


Does every Auto Body Shop Pre and Post Diagnostic Scan: No, very few collision repair facilities pre and post scan. Airpark Collision Center is one of the few auto body repair shops in the valley to make the commitment to pre and post diagnostic scan every vehicle.

Why Does Airpark Collision Center choose to Pre and Post Diagnostic Scan every Vehicle? We choose to diagnostic scan because it results in a thorough collision repair. A thorough repair means the vehicle is safe and the customer does not have to return to the auto body shop once he or she discovers something is not working properly. Pre and post diagnostic scanning relates to two huge priorities for Airpark Collision Center, customer safety and customer service.

Why Don’t all Collision Repair Facilities Pre and Post Diagnostic Scan? The equipment is expensive, it is another time consuming step, insurance companies sometimes refuse to pay and surprisingly not all manufacturers require diagnostic scans.

Won’t the Dashboard Lights Illuminate if there is a Problem? Dashboard lights are for driver notification not diagnosis. For example, recently we scanned a car showing no dashboard indicator lights but yielded 107 error codes on the diagnostic scan. With cars, SUV’s and trucks possessing close to a 1,000 error codes, the dashboard light indicator system isn’t equipped to display all malfunctions.

Who Pays for the Scan? The insurance company is billed (and yes, sometimes it is a struggle). If error codes related to the collision claim are made known, they will also pay for the additional repairs. Customers paying out of pocket will not be charged for the scan, but will be billed for any additional labor or parts needed for the required repair.

Airpark Collision Center is dedicated to returning collision damaged vehicles to its pre accident state. In addition to repairing visible exterior damage, we include sensors, complex control modules, wires and other components in your vehicle as part of the auto body repair. Please stop in or click for a quick online estimate.

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