Scratches and Scuffs

Auto Body Shop Scratch and Scuff Repair

Airpark Collision Center is a full service auto body shop and that means we repair everything from minor door dings to major collision damage.

Scratches and scuffs fall under the category of minor auto body repair and are a real eye sore! We can help you whether your car brushed up against some branches or was keyed. Whatever the cause we have the repair solution!

What is the Cost? The cost depends on the location of the scratch and the depth of the scratch. It is easier on the pocket book when scratches are confined to a door or one panel.

Can the Damage be Buffed Out? Sometimes scratches are minor enough to be buffed out, but deep ones will involve sanding, priming, and painting.

How About Touch Up Paint? Before you are tempted to use your touch up paint (sometimes this makes it look worse) it is best to obtain a professional opinion.

Scratches or Scuffs on your Wheels? Ask us about Wheel Reconditioning!


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