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Valley Toyota owners have trusted Airpark Collision Center to repair their damaged vehicles and restore them to their pre-collision state since 2006. Our technicians know that you chose your Toyota for a reason, maybe it’s aesthetics, vehicle construction, safety or technology. Regardless of your reason, we know you expect your Toyota to be restored to pre-collision status.

A quality auto body repair is related to adhering to proper repair procedures and continued technician training. Airpark Collision Center has earned the highest industry certification, I-Car Gold Class. No collision repair certification is required for an auto body shop in Arizona, but we have opted to earn this annual certification each year since 2006.

Airpark Collision Center started repairing Toyotas in 2006, focusing on returning all Toyota models to manufacturer standards including the:

  • Toyota Prius
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Corolla Hybrid
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Toyota Avalon
  • Toyota Avalon Hybrid
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Toyota GR Supra

Why is Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop Important?

Consider the amount of technology and safety features onboard your Toyota. We realize, each year vehicles become more advanced and in response Airpark Collision Center commits to on-going technician training and purchasing new tools and equipment. A quality and confident repair allows us to extend a lifetime workmanship guarantee for as long as you own the vehicle.

What Can you Expect from a Toyota Collision Repair at Airpark Collision Center?

Our Facility: Conveniently located off of Scottsdale Road, our customers can expect a clean, friendly and professional environment. Vehicles are secured and cared for while at our collision center.

Pre-Diagnostic Scan: Upon drop off, qualifying vehicles are pre-diagnostic scanned. This allows our technicians a complete picture of the collision damage.

Complete Estimate/Repair Plan: The auto insurance company may have written an estimate based on what they can see. How do you know if all parts and procedures are addressed? At ACC our repair planner stands beside the technician during disassembly and uses a laptop computer to write the estimate/supplement to submit to the insurance company. Our goal is a complete repair, therefore we are ensuring nothing was missed on the original estimate. This examination also allows us to determine if a part should be replaced when originally it was written to repair.

The Repair: Airpark Collision Center only employs master technicians with years of experience. Our technicians use the latest tools and computerized measuring equipment. In addition, they are provided with quality materials such as the 3M brand to do their job properly.

Refinishing: A quality paint job hinges on good prep work. Of course, sanding, priming, and baking the finish in a professional paint booth are all part of the process. However, did you know that certain parts are expected to be painted off the vehicle to avoid ridges and peeling paint? In this case, a technician will remove the panel from the vehicle, send it to the paint department, and then re-install the panel. We realize this is an extra step, but it is the right way to complete the auto body repair.

Another step in the paint process is applying a quality clear coat finish. The clear coat is great for a few reasons; one, it protects your car from harmful UV rays and creates a shiny finish. When painting bumpers, Airpark Collision Center includes a flex additive product into the clear coat. Adding this product makes the paint flexible, so if something like a shopping cart hits your bumper, the paint is not likely to crack.

The refinish department at Airpark Collision Center uses PPG products. PPG has involvement in the Toyota production factory. While PPG sells several paint lines, we choose to spray their water-based paint. This product is not harmful to the environment and allows for the most accurate color matching!

Clean Up: After the collision repair is complete, your Toyota’s exterior is cleaned and the interior is vacuumed and wiped down.

Quality Control: We are not done yet! Just because your Toyota looks great doesn’t mean everything is in working order. The vehicle is now post diagnostic scanned. Diagnostic scanning is not required in the auto body industry but it is the only way to ensure all sensors, technology and safety features are functioning properly. Once the Toyota passes the scan, the vehicle is test-driven. All these steps ensure a complete repair and reduce your chances of returning to the auto body shop.


Why Choose Airpark Collision Center?

Airpark Collision Center is a family-owned small business. Our philosophy has always been different than other collision repair centers. Our goal is not to be the fastest, cheapest or do the most volume. Our goal is simply to repair cars correctly with honest and professional service.

Rewards and Acknowledgements: Our most recent award, “Best of 2021 Scottsdale” for Automobile Repair was a great honor because our local community nominated and voted for us. Over the years, we have also earned awards from Angie’s List, Yelp, and others. We are mentioned hundreds of times on several review platforms which is evidence that our philosophy is supported by our customers.

We know that spending money on qualified technicians, quality materials and updated equipment translates to a safe repair and happy customers. If you are paying out of pocket you will find our estimates to be competitive but not cheap. If you are making an insurance claim, why not choose the best auto body shop for your Toyota? We acknowledge there is a cost to adhering to the principles listed above, however that is not something we are willing to compromise. Please stop in for a quote or click here for an online estimate!

*At this time Airpark Collision Center does not repair “all electric” vehicles (e.g., Tesla, Lucid, & Polestar). Hybrid collision repair is determined by damage and vehicle year.